Getting Ready for My Wedding Day

...DOWN POUR! I went and got my hair done; still raining when she finished! As I was getting ready at the house, it was still pouring buckets! My aunts didn't tell me while I was getting ready but the wind was blowing so hard, it knocked a good portion of the table cloths off and into the dirt! They had to wash, dry, and iron several table cloths just a couple hours before the wedding! Talk about chaos and stress! Although they were sweet to not tell me until after the wedding. I felt so bad they had to deal with that.

Thank you Aunt Diane and everyone else for washing, drying, and ironing the table cloths!

Everyone rushing around trying to get the greenery/flowers outside. The rain was slowly dying down!

We got the flowers from a whole sale florists thanks to Aunt Connie's connections. Then we also bought wreaths from a local green house to put on the doors and down the fence row. My aunt Connie did all my flower arrangements and tied the bows; she used to own her own flower shop! This sun room was her workshop and where we kept everything until show time!

A couple hours before the wedding, we did as many pictures as we could. I know a lot of people think its bad luck--I don't believe in luck. I didn't want my guests to have to wait to eat just because we had to take pictures. I also didn't want to rush through pictures, I knew I would cherish these photos for the rest of my life. I highly recommend doing your pictures before the wedding, you get to relax (somewhat) more at the reception because everything is done, everyone is eating and happy, and helllooo! you just got married--soak it up! I tried to pause and just soak it all in. But it still felt so surreal! That whole day felt like that; even the next morning when I woke up with the view of my sleeping husband and the sound of the ocean. Sometimes now, I feel like being married to this handsome and caring guy is so surreal. It's what I used to dream about and it's better than I ever dreamt.

My cousin, photographer, makeup artist, and wedding planner.
I know you're dying for me to hush and get to the pictures part. I have over 500 wedding day pictures, so narrowing it down was hard! My cousin Tiffany did our wedding pictures, as well as my make up and lots of the wedding planning! She's a saint! I love her even more for everything she did for me! So now I'll let the rest of her pictures do the talking!

The girls getting ready while I was getting my hair done at a salon nearby: Jennifer's!

One of their bridesmaid gifts to get ready in the day of the wedding.

Everyone seeing me for the first time that day after I got my hair done. I don't have makeup on yet!

My girls!

We were in the garage when the boys decided to pull up! Luke (one of my brothers) put that golf cart in reverse fast! 

The girls hid me so Jaime wouldn't see me yet! I love this picture!

In case your wondering, I forgot to nair my arms the night before! ha!

My handsome man getting ready with the guys.

Jaime wore these awful cotton striped shorts when we were dating and I stole accidentally grabbed them from his truck when we were dating and hid them in my closet for the past two years. I decided we should start our marriage off on the right foot and give them back to him. ha!

Ugly shorts!

I gave my parents gifts on my wedding day too! Dad got cuff links. One said "Father of the Bride" and the other said "Always your little girl" He smiles to keep back from crying, that's how I knew he liked them. I got mom a handkerchief and based on the pictures, it meant a lot to her. 

Cuff Links-Etsy Purchase

This photo gets makes me tear up every time I see it.

Getting ready for my big debut! Jaime hasn't seen me up until this point!

Alfred Angelo: Disney's Cinderella Fairy Tale Wedding Dress--Style 216

All tied in!

Put on the D-O for the B-O!

Concentration at its prettiest. haha! Look at that tongue.

From Etsy-shop no longer exists.

I don't have a clue where I got them. Took a chance and ordered online-still wear them to this day! 

Here I come!

Big Hug! We're getting married today!

Check back soon for Pre-Ceremony Pictures !


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