Le Parcel

Le Parcel

Have you ever heard of Le Parcel? 
It's a box subscription that comes when your "time of the month" comes! 
What woman doesn't want chocolate and goodies during this time? 

How does it work?
 Choose your 25 items + premium chocolate + hand picked goodies
for $15 each month plus S&H

So easy to set up what items you need! It totally saves you from running to the drug store when you've already suffered from cramps and pain all day. Or saves your spouse from the embarrassment of getting them from the drugstore for you. He will gladly pay for this in order to avoid that! ha!

I actually got my first box several years ago when they first started their business. They have come a long way since then! I'm so impressed with their new packaging! I actually subscribed so I could get one of Megan's Feral Watches. They are so cute and I'm starting to see them everywhere. Anyways, I didn't paid for this post but I just love promoting fun box subscriptions! 

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