Afternoon in Chicago

View of Millennium Park

Car boredom strikes. Snapchat: faithannpatters

We finally got to go to Chicago but with all these new expenses with The Fertility Center, just decided to go for the afternoon to see what it was like. It did not disappoint!

Jaime set a budget of $100 for the afternoon-food, souvenirs, and for Uber. And we did it with some cents to spare! Although, I did buy him and I a Chicago Harley Davidson shirt as another birthday present and it wasn't in the budget. haha Also, if you drive there, you'll have to pay $14.60 total for toll booths going into Chicago and out. Dumb.

We almost walked 9 miles in 8 hours! We did quite a bit of walking to say the least. Which was good because I'm sure we consumed a lot of calories with brunch and lunch/dinner.

We acted like typical tourists! After brunch at Yolk which was super yummy, we went straight to 'The Bean'. The only thing I really wanted to see in Chicago. haha! We took an Uber there and shared it with a sweet girl. It only cost $5.15 as opposed to walking for an hour and a half or paying even more for a taxi.

We walked around Millennium Park for awhile and also saw the Crown Fountain. We walked through the gardens and saw these beautiful flowers! I want to plant these next to my forever home one day.

The sweet girl that we met in the Uber told us about Cindy's, which was a super cute roof top eatery place across from Millennium Park. So we went to the top and the view was amazing! We didn't know where to go to next so we decided to walk to the Riverwalk which was beautiful!

You can see the Trump Tower in the background. Pretty cool!

Then we kept on walking to the Navy Pier. Not much to see or do there but we took pictures anyways.

Decided to walk to Magnificent Mile and browse the shops before going to Giordanos for pizza. Everyone really talked it up and made it sound so wonderful. We agreed that it was good. The cheese is 2 or 3 inches thick! Unlike any pizza we've ever had. But we also agreed that homemade or Papa Johns taste just as good to us. haha. We're not too picky with our pizza.

After pizza, we decided to walk and browse some more shops to work off that pizza. We didn't last long and decided to Uber back to our car to head home. We were wore out. I will tell you that we used the app ParkWhiz to find a place to park our car for the afternoon for $16.47. Sometimes you can find cheaper spots and sometimes it's more expensive. But it was good for how long we were going to be there and it was close to where we had brunch-which was most important because we were starving!

We left Chicago during rush hour...not smart but I made some pretty videos in the car while we were bumper to bumper. ha!

We were wore out after all that walking. We got all the touristy things out of the way, so next time we go, we'll explore more! Any recommendations for next time? Any hole in the wall places we must go?

Have a great Wednesday!

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