Meet Faith: newest member to the blogging community!

Hello everyone!

My name is Faith.

I'm obviously new to the blogging community and so very excited to see where this goes!
I'm a big fan of Instagram, but sometimes I have more to post and more to say. So this is my solution!

I am a young newlywed whose life is just getting started. My husband and I have big dreams, goals, and plans for ourselves. This will be my grown up diary for myself and a place I get to share everything with you all.

My husband and I are currently stationed at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina. But (soon!) this spring we will be moving to our beloved hometown in Kentucky. We cannot wait! We're trading the tan beaches for green fields!

Jaime is my best friend and he puts up with loves taking pictures with me. ha! But seriously, he's a pretty good sport when it comes to taking pictures and videos with me. We don't have kiddos yet (they will come, just give us a couple years with no deployments or months apart) but we love our fur baby Charlie. We're both very down to earth. We're the type of couple who has Netflix marathons, enjoy yummy food somewhere new and/or local, have date nights that include going to the gym, and more often than not sit on the couch cuddling while playing on our phones (let's be real).

Cute video of when he came home from being gone two weeks.

Our future is very uncertain and we can't predict it, but we have faith and trust that God will guide us every step of the way! It's much too scary to try to figure it all without Him.

I hope you all stick around and enjoy the blog. I know I am going to have fun with it and I hope it's a place you'll want to revisit!


  1. WOO HOO!!! You are an officially official BLOGGER now!!!!!!!!! Love everything, the layout, the colors and of course the adorable posts!! :)

    1. Yes! It's so exciting! Thank you, thank you! I couldn't have done it without my brother!

  2. I found you :) I noticed on instagram you finally finished the blog... I am so excited for you start this little blogging adventure... Welcome to our blogging world :)


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