Camp In Valentine's Day

We had a crazy Valentine's in nothing went right like I had planned. I woke up early to make homemade pink cinnamon rolls that I found here. I still had a pile of dishes that needed to be washed due to our washer being broke for 24+ hours. I wanted to cry thinking about how long it would take me to wash them before I could even start making breakfast. Jaime came to my rescue and offered to wash so I could start cooking. (Not in the plan, wanted to surprise him in bed with breakfast.) Started mixing ingredients only to realize after the fact that I forgot to add in the pink food coloring and I had no sugar for the next step. So I cried. Put cling wrap on all the bowls I had ingredients mixed in. Made eggs and turkey bacon for Jaime and kept crying. Jaime, of course, is a sweetheart & hugged this cry baby. He said "he didn't need me to make a big fancy breakfast for me to show him that I loved him." He's seriously the best you guys.

We went to the DMV to get his license plate for the new truck he got the night before. Got to the location only to realize that this DMV didn't do registration and tags. The place to do it at was closed, so we came home. I wanted to build a fort but I didn't have time before work. I worked all afternoon and came home exhausted. (Thankful for the job, but standing and washing dishes wears you out.) Driving home I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to wear to go out in. I think Jaime could tell this day had been a rough one for me and insisted we stay in, build the fort, order our favorite local pizza, cuddle, and watch movies all night.

We declared this year as the "year of saving", meaning no presents for any occasion, cutting costs on everything, and eating out less. You really have to get in the mindset of saving and hold each other accountable! It's all for the good of our future, right? It's been fun and rewarding. Not always easy but we're seeing results!

So we didn't get each other presents for Valentine's Day but having each others presence means more than anything material. This being our third out of five Valentine's Day spent together. We are thankful the days spent apart are behind us!

You may be wondering what a "Camp In Valentine's Day" is? It consists of:
  • a fort
  • lots of blankets
  • lots of pillows
  • christmas lights
  • couple of good movies
  • homemade goodies
  • yummy local pizza
& my favorite...
  • one sexy husband
My "one sexy husband" helped me build our fort but referred to it as my white castle.

We got some of our favorite local pizza: Credos! Look at him posing!

Wearing PJs to Valentine's dinner is way more comfy!

I kind of  love him!

The first movie we watched was super grown up. haha

What I woke up this morning: sleeping beauty. It was super cold on the ground. We were next to the back door that has huge cracks around and in the door that lets the nice cold air in.

 Charlie wanted in on the snuggles.

We are so young and hip, we fell asleep around 9:30! Didn't even get a chance to break out the homemade goodies and make smoothies. 

So we ate them for breakfast!

Then after church and lunch, we got sugar and I made the cinnamon rolls for dessert!

How Jaime feels about me snapping pictures and not letting him eat the cinnamon rolls. haha!

They might be too much work and take too long to make but they are super good. The recipe calls for 24; I put 6 in a dish for the neighbors because we do not need to eat them all (18 should be enough :).) They were tickled "pink" to see them! haha I'm so puny!

All in all, I had a wonderful Valentine's Night/Next Morning & Afternoon with my hunny bunny! "How sweet it is to be loved by you!"

How was your Valentine's Day? How did you spend it with those you love?


  1. Haha you guys are the cutest! Love it! Love your blog! I wanna know how your brother did the categories bar at the top. (I'm not tech savvy) :)

    1. Awe, thank you! Thank you! Well, I have no idea, haha! You can email with your questions at:! I'm sure he would be happy to help!

  2. Hello fun camp in Valentine's Day! How romantic... I love it.. PS can you share all those yummy treats with me? I so want some of those goodies :)

    1. Thanks, something different and fun! Well we ate all the strawberries in one sitting! But we have cinnamon rolls! ;)


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