Instagram Dump

How about a little Instagram Dump? 

You may or may not follow on me on Instagram and if you don' should! Just about anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm somewhat addicted. My husband knows all too well and sometimes it gets me in trouble, but he still loves me. I try to stay off of it and all other social media once he's home from work. ((Quality time is much more beneficial than Instagram. Lemme' tell ya!)) 

To catch you up on what's been going on in the Instagram world since I started this blog, lets start here! The day I launched my blog was the night I got my husband back from a month in Europe.
My rainy night outfit.

Who doesn't love heart shaped twinkly lights in their room?

Finally got to use my new coffee bean grinder that I got for Christmas. So fun...and messy!

Lunch date because Jaime got out of work early and received an award for his outstanding job he did in Europe.

Sometimes I bring Jaime breakfast in bed.

Went to TRS class with Jaime for a week. They are classes he takes to inform him of all his benefits once he is out of the military. Very informative! I highly recommend going with your spouse!

Took Charlie to Lowe's with me one day, she got just a little attention. haha

Random #OOTD that I never posted on Insta.

Jaime's new truck!

Lathering my cracked and dried hands with coconut oil. It's a lifesaver.

Waiting at the DMV with the hubs. 

Home work outs, green tea, foam roller, and Charlie. Perfect afternoon!

Super happy faces because we just sold Jaime's car. God is good!

 This one didn't make it to Instagram but I stood on the side of the road and waved in this snazzy peach costume. Never done that before!

Have I convinced you to follow my Instagram account yet? Fun stuff goes down on there! Introduce yourself after you follow me! I like 'meeting' my readers!

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