Makeup Routine with my New Favorite Brand!

Santa must have thought I was a good girl last year! Between my mom and Jaime, I got all new makeup! First off, let me say that I am not a makeup guru. At all. I didn't even really start wearing it until my Senior year and I didn't even do eye make up until college. haha Oh my!

Until this past Christmas, I only put on lotion, bronzer, eye shadow, and mascara--year round. So to have this many steps is kind of a big deal for me! However, this makeup makes my skin look so much prettier and I still don't feel like it's caked on either. Jaime loves the natural, no makeup look. But, in the winter, you just need a little somethin' somethin' to make you look alive. haha! You feel me? 

Here's my routine: I put on this powdered foundation and lightly brush on bronzer to add a little color. But not too much to wear my face is orange and my chest is snow white.

I bought the bronzer this past summer and have loved it. It goes even better with foundation under it.

 My skin already looks smoother and gives a flawless (trust me, its never been flawless) appearence.

Jaime got this eye kit and it includes all sorts of fun stuff. Primer for your eyes, eye shadow, two-sided brush, and brown eye liner. I put my blush and blush brush in there to stay organized.

 I put a little blush on my cheeks for color! I get pretttty white in the winter.

Then I do the eyes. This kit that Jaime got me has a primer to put on before you do the eye shadow. Holy moly is it wonderful?! I will have to get more when this little bottle runs out!

Then I take the small side of the brush and brush the gold in the arches of my eye lid. Then I flip to the larger brush size and use the darker eye shadow on my eye lids.

This is the first time I've used eye liner regularly. It doesn't scare me so much because it is brown and not a drastic change. There is a sharpener on the end which is a nice addition!

You can barely tell I put it on because I'm still timid to use eye liner. haha

Gotta crimp those eye lashes! Mine are straight and short so lots of curling and mascara is needed.

This isn't my favorite mascara but it serves its purpose. The brush, however; is much nicer than my favorite mascara's! So that gets a A+!

The lighting in my whole house is kind of dinky, so here is a up close and personal picture of the final product. Still very natural and I don't look like I'm asleep anymore! No editing done to the face, I just made the picture lighter so you can see the face better. Thank you Bare Minerals!
(I was not compensated for this post. I just really love my new makeup!)

Do I have any Bare Minerals lovers? What other brands are you guys loving?


  1. I have only used a powder from Bare Minerals, I honestly didn't use it much. A friend was cleaning out her makeup bag and gave it to me so it only had a little left in it, but what I did use I liked! You look beautiful!!! I love getting new makeup, it's just so fun.

    1. Oh that's nice! Nothing better than a free sample! Thank you! :)


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