Wedding Showers

My aunts and cousins threw a wonderful wedding shower at the church for me. I didn't think to get anyone to take pictures with a better camera. I'm thankful for the pictures I do have though!

Dress- LOFT

Aunt Diane, Mother In Law-Missy, Mom-Priscilla, and Aunt Belva

I was excited over this belgium waffle maker! We have put it to good use!

The preacher thought it would be funny to give me a bag full of baby gifts at my wedding shower. haha

Grandmother made this quilt for me. "The Love Ring"

My cousin Katrina made this and I still love it!
 My aunt Belva threw a Bridal Luncheon for me. The other two bridesmaids were in FL for college and couldn't make it but we have fun!

Cousin Alexis and Megan

Fancy Banana Split

I was crossing my ankles like a lady and the buckles from my wedges hooked together! ha!

The only picture I have from my Personal Shower! I am kicking myself for not delegating picture taking to someone.
Bride Dress-Etsy

 Anyone else forget to get people to take more pictures at your showers?!

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