New Week, New Verse

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I downloaded the She Reads Truth app and have started a new devotional. I've always been a "bible and notebook" kind of girl when it came to devotionals but I'm on Day 3 and loving this app. It is so well made and user friendly. I have an alarm set for devo time each morning and I love that I can read it in bed. I still prefer to read the scripture from the Bible--theres nothing like it.

So here's the verse that stuck out to me and what the whole devotional was about for today.

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God..." 2 Timothy 3:16

Every passage of scripture we read was from God. God chose men over a span of 1,500 years to complete his Word. We have it in the convenience of our homes, electronic devices, & churches whenever we need it! Everything we will ever need for the rest of our days and our children's children and so forth is in this Book. The devotional made a statement that made me thankful for a mother, grandmother, family, and sunday school teachers who taught us to memorize verses, it states: 

"we know that to read it {referring to the Bible} means to hear the voice of God spoken to us Every. Single. Day. And writing it on our hearts in memorization means to carry that with us everywhere we go."

What comfort and privilege we have! If you can memorize movie lines, poems, sections of books, lyrics--you can easily memorize God's Word. 

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