Weekend Recap and Other Stuff

Just cause my husband is a stud and we're happy to be at our home church again.

So to make it blog official, Jaime was offered the job he applied for last Monday and accepted it! We're so very proud of him but mostly praising God for His goodness! We've heard some scary stories about it taking years for Marines to find jobs once their active duty ended. But we prayed and waited. God showed us mercy and grace. Jaime starts next Monday and we are excited for this new journey! 

Civilian life has been great so far! Now that Jaime has got the job, we've been looking at lots to build on and houses to buy. It's exciting! Except on the first day back to work when Jaime text me 15+ pictures of a house that was N A S T Y (like dead birds in the window seals, carpet from the 1800's, mold and water damage errrwhere, etc.)  Then said "Congrats, we are home owners! It's a fixer upper" He forgot to inform me until I got home from work that it was a joke after worrying about it all day. ha! I married a jokester. 

Despite his orneriness, the whole family (minus Jacob, we missed you) took Jaime out for a celebratory dinner. He had never been to the Cheesecake Factory so we took him there! It was so good and well deserved. 

Our wait time was 1 hour to 2 1/2 hours! Yikes!

Two of my boys! Luke is the next kid under me, he's single ladies. I need a sweet, Christian sister-in-law!

Last week was my first week back in the office, working full time. It wasn't too bad of an adjustment. I'm still so thankful to have the job and that my sweet boss held my position open for my return. Also, getting to dress up everyday is my favorite part of having a grown up job. Hence all the #OOTD pictures you will see from now on.

Wore this one day to work but I also wore it Sunday morning to church.

Black Polka Dot Pixie Pants-Old Navy // Coral Top-Loft // Necklace-Etsy 

Mint Button Up-Tommy Hilfiger// Herringbone Vest-Jane.com // Jeggings-Walmart // Boots-Hunter 

I have tea time every day around 4 and it's divine! Sometimes it's cold by the time I get to it but I still love it! 

Baby Pink Cardigan-Old Navy// Army Green Peplum Tank-Loft// Khaki Skinnies-Old Navy

Navy Blue Cardigan-My mom's closet// Green Tank-Old Navy// White Skinnies-Boutique// Necklace-Perry Street(compliments of RocksBox)  

One of my favorite travel mugs. Jaime got it in Seville when he went to Europe for a month this past January.

Saturday was super busy for both Jaime and I! I woke up pretty early and went to Sam's Club with mom. Came home and delivered this late baby shower gift to my first best friend from high school to have a baby! Little Annzley can come anytime now and I'm so excited to be Aunt Faith!

After I got to love on my best friend and her adorable baby bump, I met up with Jaime to go to a family friend's baby shower. Then we went to a going away cookout for one of Jaime's cousins. Everyone showed up and then we got surprised! His cousin surprised everyone by getting married in their backyard. It was very sweet! All their family and friends gathered to see them tie the knot before moving to Colorado. After the cookout, where we got to see lots of Jaime's family we hadn't seen in forever, we went to another family friends to play pool before heading home to feed cattle. Can you say exhausted? Yes. I'm tired just thinking about all the running around we did.

Sunday however was the opposite! We got up early, mom had waffles, bacon, and sausage waiting for us. Got ready for Sunday School and took my brothers. We had a great Sunday school lesson on Revelation and then sermon. We watched the movie Exodus after a delicious dinner prepared by mom. Snuggled a lot. Went to Sunday night service. My younger cousins came over to "pay wif chawee". They wore her out and they wore them out (ages 5, 3, 1 1/2)--it was a win-win for me and their mom. ha!

And here we are, back to the start of another work week! Thank Jesus for your job before you start grumbling about it only being Tuesday. ha! Have a good day guys!

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