RocksBox Goods

It's RocksBox time again! 

I love my second box of goodies even more than the first one! I messaged the girl that creates my box and asked her if I could try out a pair of Kendra Scott earrings and {bam!} they were in my next box. They are just that good! You get 'Forever Spend' money to use towards their jewelry every time someone uses your code { FaithBFF20 }. By the way, you can still get YOUR first month free with my code! And guess what? I bought these beauties with my Forever Spend so they were FREE to me!  It's a win-win ladies! I'm pretty excited about them. Because...uh...they're cute and gold and turquoise. Basically they are perfect. As you can tell, I'm pretty happy with these bad boys! 

I just shipped the necklace and bracelet back and am waiting for my third box. I am completely in love with RocksBox. It's so fun for this jewelry guru! 

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