Memorial Day

I never really thought of what our country has been through to keep it free prior to Jaime serving his first tour.  I live in the Land of the Free where everyone gets to chose where we go, how we get there, who we run through life with and learn to be who God meant for us to be. Simply amazing.

I'm so thankful and proud to be an American. God could have placed me anywhere; he chose my path and let this be my battle ground. While I've never served our country like so many before us have, I am in the Lord's army. Over time, many thousands of Christian's have been prosecuted in the name of Christ. If it wasn't for them, who is to say I would have ever had christian great-great-great-great grandparents who would pass down God's love and teachings to me. God has an ultimate plan for me and all the other soldiers in His army.

I'm so very blessed to be raised the way I was and am proud to be apart of something much bigger than anything on this earth.

This world is not my home, I'm just a passing through.

I'm sure to have the heart and love for our country in order to want to give your life for it, you might look at that way to. Just passing through and protecting the country. I don't know anyone close to me who has sacrificed their life for our country but I'm so thankful for the thousands of others who did. They sacrificed their selves for you and ME. They didn't even know me and they went to war to protect me and anything I want to do in this great country.

God knows each and every person on this planet and he sent his Son in our place! He knows the murders, rapist, thieves, liars, cheaters, abusers--yet he sent his one and only Son in place of them! Oh how He loves us. I wouldn't send my own dog in place of any evil person much less my own child!

Our military men and women equally know the evil in our country yet they selflessly give their lives to protect us of ours.

With that being said, don't take your life in America for granted. And definitely don't go through this life without knowing God and joining His army. The army full of His children who want to reach others and show God's love. Let's spread God's love and patriotism. Let's change the direction America is headed in.

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