Third Week In The Camper

On our way home from a quick trip to visit family for one day. We brought back Jaime's dad's canoe. CANNOT wait to put it use! Oh yeah, this is how my hair is every time Jaime drives. Alwayssss needs the windows down. haha!
We came home Sunday morning to being locked out of the camper. The dead bolt lock wouldn't budge what soever. So we had to break into our camper with an hour before I had to be at work. Once we got in we had to unscrew the whole door handle. It needed to be oiled and we fixed it but goodness...what a way to start the week. Starting Monday I had my lifeguard classes for the next 3 days. After class (Mon-Wed: 9-6), I'd work another 3 to 4 hours in the front office. Then the rest of the week I'd work in both the front office and then on the race track either in the ticket gate or tower. 

I've learned several jobs since being here. They are always hiring and in need of workers who actually show up and do their job. I was raised to work and to do it right the first time. No whining and complaining. Nobody wants to hear it, especially not your employer. You'll move up at your work place if you get along with everyone. Genuinely show interest in peoples lives around you, everybody wants to feel like a somebody. Maybe you already know these things, but if you don't, I just want to shed some wisdom that has been passed down to me. 

My view from the racing tower.

The campground was so full last week! And these weren't just your average campers like what Jaime and I have, these were the big RV/Mobile Homes that cost most that most peoples houses! We had NAARVA (National African American RVer's Association) stay for a week and a half. Some of the nicest people!

I started out my Monday with a 2 miles run with Charles. I'm slowly trying to get back into running. After my first day in the lifeguard class, I learned how out of shape kids my age are! They could barely swim 200 yards. I heard lots of whining and complaining. haha! Made me thankful that I've stayed somewhat active most of my life. The swimming was hard but what really killed people was treading. My brother's and I used to see who could tread the longest growing up. Score! Glad we played weird games in the pool to prepare me for my unknown future. haha!

I tried failed making a clothes line Monday during my lunch break to hang the whites on. ha! It sagged to a couple centimeters from the clothes hitting the ground. Thankfully Jaime fixed it for me! I was too short to make it high enough.

Here is my view from the ticket booth at the race track. I got to see a beautiful sunset go down.

I'm officially CPR certified as well as an Ellis & Associates lifeguard. Here's my officially-a-lifeguard-picture I shared on Instagram! I've been certified for a week and I've yet to get to actually suit up and lifeguard. ha! 

I love love love getting to make a mini bonfire whenever I want. I don't make them as often as I'd like but I save all cardboard and gather little sticks all week so I have something to burn. haha! I'm slightly a pyromaniac. I'll admit to that.

I bought this wonderful bike basket on Amazon and it has been a life saver! I know a lot of people have them because they are cute...and they are! But I really needed something to carry my drinks and snacks on my ride to work. It's the best $15 bucks I've spent in a long time!

Sometimes if it's not too muggy, I'll eat my lunch on the picnic table. Of course I let Charlie wonder around while I'm home on lunch. I usually have to call for her every 5 minutes or so, so she won't wonder too far. I yelled for her and I turned around to see her sun bathing. haha! She's a nut.

We're getting better at cooking on the grill and making mostly healthy dinners in the camper. Jaime has almost perfected grilling chicken on the charcoal grill. So tender and tasty! I also had strawberries and blueberries that were on the verge of going bad so I made some delicious smoothies!
We haven't mastered grilling vegetables yet. Any advice you guys want to share?

Here's a Raceway tower picture for ya! Sometimes I work up here, I'm the tech card girl or I enter racer's numbers while they do time trials. Sometimes I enter their numbers and dial-in's for eliminations. I didn't know a thing about racing before working in here the last couple weeks. It's fun and I see how it would be easy to get into it. Plus who doesn't love hearing engines roar all day. When's the next diesel day again? ;)

I had to work till kind of late Friday night and we ate bad because of that. I went and picked up a pizza and blizzards for us. Did you know Dairy Queen gives free pup cups?! I didn't but I just happened to have Charles with me and they offered to give her one. Good to know for all those fur mommies out there.

Saturday night we got invited out with some friends we've met because I worked in the tower. It's actually my bosses grandson and wife. They are so nice and fun to hang out with! Glad to have met some nice people down here! I finally got make a good size bonfire after we ate out with them. I love getting to hang out with my hunky husband. It's finally setting in that we don't have to be apart anymore. I love knowing I get to see him every night. Most of the time it's later than we'd both like but...teamwork makes the dream work!

Our Charlie girl turned 2 years old Sunday! I know this is sad but this is the longest I've ever had a dog! I kinda hope she just never gets old. I love that little booger. Jaime and Charlie brought me a sandwich from the house while I worked in the tower. I think Charlie made her self comfy. Too bad I need that workspace or she could hang out with me all day.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! I head out to TX today to be in a wedding of a college friend! I cann't wait to head out and see the girls! And I get the next 4 days off! I've been working for the last two weeks with only one day off, thankful, but ready for a break. I'm excited for a change of pace! Follow me on Instagram: faithannpatterson to stay in touch!

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  1. Make foil packets to grill your veggies. I use heavy duty foil, place veggies inside with some olive oil, salt and pepper and they turn out pretty good!


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