Surprise Anniversary Getaway

Yes! This incredibly sweet man that I get to call my husband surprised me with a anniversary getaway. He actually surprised me, played it cool for two whole weeks without giving me an inkling what was really up his sleeve. But I'll have to start from the beginning!

Last Tuesday was our third married anniversary AND our first spent together! That in itself was exciting! If you've ever had to spend an anniversary apart for military or work related reasons, then you know how happy I was this year. 

We both had to work all day. I honestly just expected to cook for us at the camper because Sunday after work, Jaime told me he had to go to Foley, AL for a work trip and I could come with him. Because of that, I figured we'd just save money and go eat somewhere fun down there this past weekend. I was little bummed we were going to Foley instead of Nashville, TN. Jaime told me a week earlier that he was planning our anniversary weekend in Nashville. We'd be staying one night somewhere and he was planning everything. 

So all the plans got messed up but Jaime surprised me with flowers at work and took me eat a local spot called The Bistro in Bowling Green, KY. 
Oh my word, so good! A little pricey. But SO GOOD!

Posing for me. ha!

                             We haven't ate anything this good in awhile. We were happy campers!

 Jaime wouldn't let me take a bite of this cake until he described how delicious it was. I'm not joking! It really was that good. Not sure what it was called but it was moist and blueberry filled.


Fast forward to Thursday morning!

Jaime said he needed to be at the job site at noon Thursday. So we set an alarm for 2:30 to be out the door at 3. It didn't go off. My normal alarm for 4:30 went off and I jumped out of bed! I woke up Jaime and said "Wake up Jaime! What happened to your alarm?! You're gonna be late!" He casually rolled over and said "it would be alright." I was thinking to myself, "Gosh Jaime, this is your first work trip, I think you should be prompt. But maybe it's not a big deal." The good wife in me said, "well okay, lets get with it!" Jaime slowly got ready and we got in the car and headed south.

We stopped at IHOP for breakfast, we had bad service and the food was kind of terrible. I wasn't about to drink gross coffee too so we stopped at Starbucks to get coffee and use the restroom. While I was ordering, Jaime rushed back to the car and changed the direction on the Garmin (oblivious to me). A little down the road I realized that our estimated time of arrival was now 1:40. I was so worried he was going to get in trouble for being SO late.

So I had been researching hotels and condos on the beach close to where the job was. We still didn't have a hotel which boggled my mind! Jaime let me search and search for an hour or so. He kept saying, just wait until he met with the job site supervisor and he would ask them where they are staying. So I went with it. I'm still not suspicious because my dad is laid back and never plans I'm used to it.

It was 11:30, I hadn't been paying attention to signs or cities. I never know where the cities are on the map anyways. ha!

I just had a thought!

"Did you bring your work boots?!" (You have to wear work boots and jeans on these job sites.)

"Yeah, I put them in the trunk this morning." I was satisfied with that answer. We packed the night before and I didn't even check the trunk that morning.

"Did you bring your hard hat, vest, and all that safety stuff?!"

"Nope. They'll have all that stuff on the job site." I was not satisfied with that answer. He is unprepared and late to his first work trip. I feel like shaking his shoulders and yelling at him. But I didn't.

"Do you think you need to be prepared at least? This is your first work trip and we're already late." I look over and he has a huge smirk across his face.

"What? Why are you smiling? Are you lying to me?" Now my heart is beating fast and I'm confused.

"Yeah, we're not going to Foley. We're going to Destin. I've booked us a condo on the beach. There's no job site in Foley. The papers are in my suitcase."

"REALLY?! Are you serious?! You don't have to work this weekend?! Jaime, for real?! Are you being serious?"

"Yeah. Happy Anniversary baby."

The tears started forming in my eyes. He surprised me and pulled it off with just 2 hours left until our destination. I, of course, hugged him and kissed his face like a thousand times. He is such a blessing. I'm so thankful God brought this man of all the men in the world to me, to be mine. I was so giddy and excited to see the place Jaime picked out (truthfully, I was little worried until we got there and stepped out onto the balcony.) He picked out a beautifully done condo with a KILLER view.

Harry T's Lighthouse for dinner that night.

Always buy a key lime pie from Publix when in Pensacola or Destin. They are so good!

Clouds rolling in!

Is there anything better than sipping coffee and watching the tide roll in?

Donut Hole-really good donuts and breakfast.

Watching scary clouds roll out.

Think Jaime is happy that we're going to breakfast?

Another Broken Egg: Cinnamon Roll French Toast-SO STINKIN' GOOD!

Feeding the birds. haha!

My brother goes to college in Pensacola and came to visit us! We had fun snorkling!


Seriously, what a stud.

Beautiful sunset our last night there.

This was our view Sunday morning while we were on our way out the door. It was overcast and rainy the whole time we were there until the day we left. But we had so much fun and made lots of memories.

Thank you for the best surprise of my life. I love doing life with you.


  1. What a perfect way to spend your 3rd anniversary but your first getting to spend it together. So happy for y'all and all that is in store for you this year. YAY for sweet surprises.

    1. It was perfect! So thankful for that husband of mine. Thank you! The years just keep getting better!


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