#PattersonsAdventure Update

A couple weekends ago, Jaime was told how long we have left here and where our next job will most likely be! I've been asking and pestering him all summer because well...I just like to know. Jaime loves to bug me about how nosey I am about everything. I'm sure you all would like to know as well.

We will be here until February! So we're bracing ourselves for the winter...in a camper. 

Yes, we are happy to be here until then because we're so close to family for all the upcoming holidays! We've started getting items for the camper to make it warm for the winter. It is costly and I'll do a blog post about it when we're done preparing. 

Our next job will most likely be in Michigan!

I've never been there so I'm excited for an adventure. But if you're like me, your thoughts automatically go to...MICHIGAN IN THE DEAD OF WINTER?! Yeah. So. That should be an interesting. The only state I've ever been to in the winter that actually has several feet of snow at a time is Colorado..but I was only there a week. So to live in a state with feet and feet of snow is an unknown territory for both of us. But as always, we are going to make the best of it! So many fun winter activities to enjoy!

Let me ease your minds by letting you know that we will not be living in the camper up there. We've talked about it and we don't want to mess with that much snow in a camper and try to keep all the pipes/tanks from freezing. We'll find an apartment or house to rent. Which I am SO excited to have a larger kitchen again! And more room indoors for the dogs to play in. 

The job in Michigan is around 6 hours away from home, so not that far! Could be farther! Our parents are sad but at least we'll get to be close through the holidays! The job location could change...kind of like the military lifestyle where things change all the time. But we're used to it...God always has a plan and reasoning for putting you through certain situations. 

He's been preparing us all along.

Have a great Wednesday! It's a cloudy, warm day here in the Bluegrass. Doesn't feel quite like November but I'm not complaining! I have a puppy to master potty training still! ha!

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