Where Did October Go?

But seriously, this month completely flew by! It was gone before I even knew it. I had plans to go to the pumpkin patch, go canoeing down the river to see all the pretty leaves change, and maybe go on another hike. Womp womp whomp. I didn't get to due to us being adults and working just about every weekend. So I guess we can make that up next year. 

But here's a few pictures of what I did have time for. ha! Mostly hang out with my dogs in between working crazy/random shifts. 

We're still working on leash training Maggie and it's going decently well. They don't learn overnight!

I bought this scrumptious pie for my bosses birthday. He turned 75! I asked him what his favorite dessert was and he said Apple pie because there wasn't as much sugar in it... I tell myself those types of tiny lies to justify eating desserts too. He's my kinda guy!

I LOVED my Kentucky tee's tee of the month for October! So cute and perfect for this time of year. Especially since the Breeder's Cup began yesterday! I love my monthly Kentucky themed shirts! You can join, just go to mykentuckytee.com and sign up! Let them know I sent them your way!

I don't remember if I told you about starting a new devotional with She Reads Truth on Women of the Word-Old Testament. It's so good, I look forward to reading my devotional each morning because of that. There's so many women in the bible that we can learn from.

They love each other!

Some days my hardest choice is choosing between coffee or tea. The camper life is good!

Think she missed me while I was away at the gym? haha! She's such a cuddle bug.

The girls missed their daddy while he works his hinny off everyday.

It was cold enough one Sunday I could wear leggings, a scarf, and a long sleeve tunic/dress to church! Love this crisp weather!

My second shift essential! Hot tea or coffee with my reusable travel tumbler and my pumpkin http://shop-catherine-mason.com coffee cozy.

Thank goodness for space heaters! They make all the difference! We'll start winterizing our camper in the next couple weekends and I'll have to blog all the work we're doing to it.

I had told you guys on Instagram that I'd blog about this soup and guess what? We didn't like it...at all. We shoved it in our mouth's because that was our dinner, it was pretty healthy, we just got done working out and needed to eat but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It was a lentil chili recipe I found on Pinterest.
So if anyone has a really great recipe, send them to me at faithnallthings (at) blogspot (dot) com! Or put in the comments! I'm game to try any healthy crock pot recipes!

These two just run and run and run. Most my pictures of these two are a blur.

Pretty cotton candy sunset over the campground.

Oh, poor little Charlie. She (we) had a really bad experience at a groomers. She got 'nicked' in her armpit due to some bad matting. But I had a groomer friend of mine tell me that Charlie is too calm during a grooming to even have caused that and no matter how matted it was, you don't accidentally take a chunk of skin out like that unless you're really inexperience. So we won't go back to that groomer. She was really sweet and had offered to pay what the Vet charged us for the antibiotics and sprays to help heal this wound. I just feel bad for Charles. And she looks like a rat. I mean look at the face in the picture below.

Scroll fast if wounds make you queazy!
After a couple days of Neosporin.
It looks much better after we took her to the vet, after almost a week of antibiotics and a medicated wound wash spray, it is finally closing up and healing! Thank goodness! 

We took this on our way to brunch in front of this cute little country side road with the prettiest fall trees!

After weeks of running and gunning, we finally got a weekend to just chill, nap, drink tea, eat ice cream, Netflix, and snuggle. I love our little life in the camper. 

Scary storm rolling in before I headed into work one night.

1. Yes, I'm wearing my brother's old camo sweat pants. I borrowed stole them when he grew out of them.

2. These dogs need morning naps after breakfast.

This past Monday, I loaded my car with dirty clothes and two puppies for a week of house sitting/babysitting for my parents while they celebrated their 25th Anniversary. And by babysitting, I mean making sure a 17 and 21 year old come home on time, eat something other than gas station food, and get up on time for school/work. 

We don't have a couch in the camper, so it was a luxury to sit on the couch and drink coffee every morning!

I got some coffee at one of my favorite coffee shops in Danville, KY: The Hub Coffee House & Cafe.
Downtown Danville is easily one of the cutest towns to live in, especially this time of year.

Ate lunch with my Granddaddy! He's so cute, he told me to meet him at the "chicken house" also known as Lee's at 12:45. I had a hair appointment at 1:30 but I couldn't pass up spending time with him.

I went dark for the fall/winter. The last couple years I have been getting Paul Mitchell's Shine on my hair with temporary dye. The Shine helps moisturize my dry hair which it desperately needed after my long summer in the sun lifeguarding. I trimmed up the ends and added some subtle high lights that would pop when I curled my hair. I love it!
Sad news though, my hair dresser I've used for 7 years is moving next year and I feel a little lost. I guess I'll start trying new hair stylist everywhere we move. Pray for me! No, seriously. I'm almost anxious about it.

I did a little #throwbackthursday with Maggie. This is from 9 weeks old to 13 weeks. She's getting bigger and I love it! She is SO LAZY. It's so cute. She will have a 3 minute burst of energy and play with Charlie and then she goes to find the nearest human and snuggles with them. She's already stole my heart. And to think I never used to be much of a dog person. Crazy!

I spent a long 2, almost 3 hours in the Volkswagen dealership trying to figure out why my engine light keeps going on and off for the last couple months. Turned out I needed a new sensor and it cost a lot more than I wanted to spend. But I'm thankful God has blessed us with this good car that's paid off!

I got to hang out with two of my favorite girls! It's so weird yet awesome to see one of my best friends be a mom. It's something we've been talking about since middle school. We just wanted to be married and mommas. The Lord has blessed us with amazing husbands who've served/are serving our country and Marissa with the privilege of being a momma to miss Annzley!

She's one of the sweetest babies! I made every kind of face and noise to get this girl to smile. She is just the cutest!

Speaking of cutest babies, I got to watch all four of my baby cousins on Friday night. I had a 7, 4, 2, and 11 month old...plus two puppies.

It got a little crazy and loud around dinner time. Thankfully my brothers and their girlfriends were in and out to help hold or watch a kid for me every now and then. But my biggest help was Charlie and Maggie. The kids wore the dogs out and the dogs wore the kids out. Perfect!

She loves all 'goggies'!

Sawyer loved carrying Charlie everywhere. Thank goodness that Charlie is good sport.

Ellison on the other hand was terrified of my puppies but we distracted her pretty well. 

Saturday, my family, along with Jaime and I worked our cattle. We weighed this group of 129. Took a couple hours but now we have just one month to fatten them up as much as possible before we sell them. Praying God will help fatten our cattle and bring us a profit or at least help us get our money back.

Even though this picture was taken on November 1st, I'm adding it to this post anyways. haha!

It was a super fast month and I'm soooo looking forward to this month and the next couple holidays spent with family since we are so close to home! Yay!

It's time to start hand picking presents for everyone and I am so excited to shop! October was my 'no spend' month and it was extremely difficult to only buy necessities with the occasional coffee. Taught me a lot about self control. I am ready to spend...of course mainly on others but that is fun in itself too!

Hope your Monday is going swell! 
Check back in soon, I'll got some exciting news for our camping journey!


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