Preparing the Camper for Winter Pt. 2

Oh hello! Charlie and Maggie know the command 'sit' so of course I took advantage of this beautiful moment. Here's the living room area of the camper and also the hardest part to keep warm!

Part 2 of preparing the camper on the inside for the winter is really simple. There's just a few key steps that campers have to take to trap hot air in and keep cold air out. 

The living room/kitchen area has the only big windows. These windows are made from a very thin glass. Campers aren't necessarily made to live in full time and certainly not during the winter, but crazy people like my husband and I are doing it anyways. So after some researching, the full time RV-ers suggest padding the windows with this shiny-silver-foil-like padding. We picked this up at Camping World for $12 a roll. I just got one but I'll need to pick up another roll to finish the windows. I am leaving the window next to the kitchen sink uncovered. The condensation can cause damaging effects to your camper if you don't have a dehumidifier and cook with a window open to let the steam out. If I find we're losing a lot of heat through it, we'll throw a blanket on it at night and when I don't need to use it. I also used foil tape to tape up the edges of the windows. Don't know if it will help but it can't hurt to try!

Not so pretty but hopefully it will keep us warm and toasty! Thankfully the lighting in the camper is pretty good so I'm not too worried about not having natural lighting this winter. Just remember, this isn't life as I know it forever. You can do anything in a temporary setting.

We bought two heaters at Lowe's. Our camper uses a 30 amp plug and we discovered that it couldn't handle two heaters going at the same time. We're either going to get a 50 amp plug and pay more monthly or bring the dogs in the bedroom area and shut the door and just heat where we sleep. ha! Isn't life grand?!

The last step we've taken to ensure the heat stays inside are these nifty pillows Camping World makes. The fit perfectly in the sky lights of the camper and are super cushioned. We have three skylights but just bought two. We're letting the bathroom stay open. It can't hurt to have a little air circulation in there...if we're being completely real about it. Ha!

Window Foil Insulation: $12 a roll x 2 = $24
Portable Heaters: $50 x 2 = $100
Sky Light Pillows: $10 x 2 = $20
Total: $144

Our water and electric are included in our monthly rent so only having to pay $144 to keep the inside of the camper warm is not a bad price to pay for all winter! I'm telling you, we've saved so much money living in a camper, we will be sad about that fact once we move into a apartment or house at the next job. Don't knock this lifestyle until you've tried it. 

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