Hello Michigan!

Say hello to our 5th home in the past 3 years of our marriage.
We arrived last Sunday night to bitter cold and snow covered...everything! It was Maggies' first time seeing or using the restroom on snow but now she completely loves it! We had a appointment at  9:15 Monday morning to look at the townhouse. After the last townhouse being a nightmare, we wanted to make sure this one was solid. And thankfully, it was! They completely updated it and we love it! It's perfect for us and the doggies. We hope we're here for at least a year because we have unpacked and hung pictures and feel right at home...plus there's a pool in the back yard and I want to use that this summer. ha!

Before we hit the road.

I love following this man all over the country. He's the best.

The sweet front desk lady let us bring our dogs in and didn't charge us. I think Maggie was happy about it.

Jaime working hard beside us.

Our first meal in our new place. HUNGRY HOWIES! I first had it in Pensacola when I was in college and I have missed it so much! I know where our cheat meals will come from.

This small town and their local shops and restaurants (even the townhouse we rent from) does not take credit or debit cards. So we've been writing alot of checks because we never have cash on us. It's kind of fun and old school! We ate brunch one day at Kate's Diner. 

Here's the mess I had to go through...but it was well worth it. I have counterspace and can cook! It's so wonderful! After being in a camper, I look forward to cooking! Did I mention, I have counterspace!

My handy husband just happens to pick up electrical work like its easy or something. Michigan only uses gas dryers and to save us $500 for a new gas dryer, Jaime went to Lowes and got all the electrical stuff so we could plug in our dryer from the breaker box. So basically he's my hero.

I got a happy door mat and tried a new coffee shop. Super good!

Patiently waiting for me to return from the dumpster.

I love having a coffee pot and being able to use 3 electrical things at one time without tripping the breaker. ha!

Before: the mess we stuffed into the hall closet. Also, I built the little shoe divider and I'm proud of it.

After: All nice and neat.

Maggie sleeping on the hump in the couch.

The biggest snuggler there ever was. I mean Jaime.

Went to a interview last friday.

Maggie loves the snow so much.

Working that wind.

Okay so enough of my dogs, here's the finished/unfinished/decorated/not decorated inside. Enjoy!

Dining and Living Room

We bought the fruit from Sams Club so its a little much for that platter. haha.

Not really done with those boxes on the wall but it works for now.

We had to take one part of the couch out so we could have a walk way into the living room. haha. 
Oh Jaime and his man couch.

No neighbors can look directly into our living room from theirs and its great!

I know the curtains are too short but it adds some color on the wall and I don't want to buy new ones.

Drinking a little camomile tea because it was a hard cold day for Jaime. 

Half bath

I'm super happy with my kitchen!

Laundry room in the basement...so thankful that I don't have to pay quarters and walk across the campground to wash clothes anymore.

The guest room that holds the hamper, dresser, ironing board, and closet for Jaime's clothes. Not really done organizing up there, you'll have to forgive me.

A working shower! A really nice shower that's in our living quarters! It's heaven on earth.

Love our sink.

We don't have any shams or throw pillows on the bed...but maybe I'll get those when we settle down one day. haha! But we are staying warm! Jaime's mom got him a king sized heated blanket for Christmas and its been a blessing! I normally turn into a furnace at night but Michigan brings a whole different type of cold at night.

My closet is wonderful but I'm not done hanging up summer clothes, forgive me!

Probably planning the fun she'll have next time she goes outside.

I'll leave you with this picture of a very happy dog!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. So excited for y'alls new adventure. The townhouse looks great already! I'm sure it's huge compared to your precious camper. Cheers to a new year and a new place!

  2. Thank you! Awe, thanks! It does feel huge! It's a nice change!! Thank you, it's been a great new year.

  3. It looks great, I know your so happy to have a bit more space and be settled down for a while!!

  4. Hi Faith! I love your blog. So cute! I'll definitely be reading. : )


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