Instagram Roundup

I haven't done a Instagram roundup in awhile. Not that much has happened the last two months but I certainly have a lot of pictures! It snowed quite a bit both here and in Kentucky when we were home for a week while Jaime had training classes in Lexington.

I love snow and will always think it's beautiful!

Really been enjoying our nightly devotions with my husband. 
It's one of the most perfect ways to go bed.

I got to stay the night with my cousin with two other cousins one weekend we were home. We hadn't had a girls night like that in almost 3 years! I missed girl time! Plus, my oldest cousin and I got to give wisdom and advice to our cousin who's getting married this August. So much fun!

My brother got a dog! His name is Buddy, he's a Giant Schnauzer. 
He's so big and fluffy, I LOVE HIM.

This is my brothers, husband, and I with all our fur babies! It's kind of funny because our parents aren't huge animal lovers. We always had a dog growing up though! 

My little Tatum Tot with Maggie. She is an animal lover like none other.

I got to hang out with my dad all day and I loved it. It's been awhile since it was just us two running around. I helped him feed the cows and roll our round bales. 

My dogs LOVE the snow! It's so hard to drag them back inside.

Jaime and I went through subdivisions getting business for my baby brother who was doing snow removal. I got a work out trekking through knee deep snow trying to get to the front door.

Finally getting to use my new gel nail polish my hubby got me for Christmas. 

"Draw me like one of your french girls."

The girls got groomed and Maggie came back looking extra poodle-y!

Pretty spring kitchen table mats and napkins. I love TJ Maxx.

This is how most of our car photo shoots go. haha. He loves me.

Reading the nightly devotional to me. Swoon.

Maggie likes to give me hugs.

We got a water softener installed and it has made all the difference! Our dishes aren't cloudy and my hair doesn't feel gross anymore. Highly recommend getting one if you move somewhere with hard water.

We found a church to go to that we enjoy. It's tiny but I prefer that over those mega churches. A friend I went to college with recommended it and I'm so thankful she reached out to me.

I love house plants!

My February tee from My Kentucky Tee! It was also red to raise awareness for CHD (Congenial Heart Defect) for my little sister in law, Kendall.

He's got the bike fever. I foresee us with a Harley this spring. ha!

Hubby upgraded my phone and I was pretty excited and I still am!

We got another organizer for the closet, which has been a lifesaver.

I was showing off my football bangle since that was my only festive thing to wear to a Super Bowl party one of Jaime's co-workers hosted for everyone.

Charlie likes confined spaces. haha!

Trying different local coffee shops one day.

If you love following then you would be stoked to hear that I got to go her super cute shop! It was a little bit of a drive for me but I was making the best of my last week unemployed. It was so cute and I got to meet Liz! She was a total sweetheart!

One of my little treasures I got from The Found Cottage.

I hosted two giveaway's in the month of February and I've got more lined up!

I had to document my last day binge watching Gilmore Girls before I started my job, only to find out the first day I was supposed to start, one of the kids got sick and the dad stayed home with her. So I had another day to binge. ha!

My cute phone case I got off Etsy.

I drove through snow to get my workout in. I get an award for that right? ;)

My cuddle bugs.

The top print is from The Found Cottage and the bottom one is made my another talented friend on Etsy customized for me. I love my happy little kitchen!

This was my view on my first day commuting to work. Gorgeous!

Waiting on dinner to cool down.

Gorgeous sunsets in Michigan.

Got to visit my favorite fur nephew this weekend when we went home.

Mags looks tiny next to Buddy.

On our way to Jaime's dad's wedding!

LOVED their hot chocolate bar. So cute!

Jaime and I got to babysit his little sister so his dad could enjoy his honeymoon night.

His little sister woke up puking but by the time we left, she was feeling fine. Glad we got to have fun with her!

Jaime spoke my love language on our way home Sunday. Giving gifts is one of my top love languages. I love preparing and giving gifts. I also see gifts given to me as showing love. It doesn't have to be expensive or grand. Just little things that show he was thinking of me. So with no prompting,  Jaime took a random exit and pulled into a Starbs. It was really sweet and I got all lovey dovey. Made the ride home even sweeter. I love him. So so much.

If you're still here, thanks for hanging in there! That was a lot of pictures and commentary.
But ten years from now when I read this post, it'll make my heart happy!

Hope you're having a great Tuesday! If we're not friends on Instagram (faithannpatterson), don't be a stranger!

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