Oreo Skillet Brownie + Valentine's Day Recap

This recipe has a different name that made me blush to type as my post's headline so I opted out for it. haha! But you can probably google it if you're really curious. 

So I made this for our Valentine's weekend. We munched on it all weekend. It was so good! I've been on my meal and workout plan for two weeks. I only cheat on really good stuff.
So, if you're like me and looking for a cheat worthy dessert, THIS IS IT!

Make the batter like normal. I urge you to get the Ghirardelli brownie mix. There's nothing better. 

Place a thin layer of batter on the bottom of the skillet.

Covered the bottom of the skillet with Oreo's. I got birthday cake oreos because I love them! Would really be good with Red Velvet Oreos! Mmmm.

Pour the rest of the batter over the Oreos and spread it around, make it even. If that wasn't sugary and bad enough...THEN! Plop some spoonfuls of vanilla icing on top. 

Take a toothpick and spread the vanilla icing on top around. Makes it pretty and you can taste the goodness!

Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.


I couldn't get a pretty picture of it but, my oh my, it is so rich and delicious. Would be even better with ice cream on top of the hot gooey goodness!

So in case you don't follow me on Instagram or we're not friends on Facebook. Let me explain these droopy, sad looking flowers.

Jaime picked these out Saturday night (unbeknownst to me) when I sent him on a trip to the groceries to pick up a few things. He was being sweet and romantic. His plan was to surprise me with them Sunday morning by placing them on the sink after I got into the shower. And he did, but he left them in the trunk of my car overnight...in 3* weather! So this is what I opened the curtain to. Bless his heart. It's the thought that totally matters. I love his stinky dead flowers. They are sitting so prettily next to the front door so I can see them everyday. haha!

This is real life. Things don't always go as we planned but when you see the heart behind it, it's even more special. I love my husband and his romantic gestures.

The girls got Valentine's toys! Charlie ran away when I pulled out my phone. ha! She's a dweeb. We had a good lazy weekend. Jaime took me to local place Sunday after church for lunch. It was cool but the food wasn't too good. Bummer. But I got to be with him for our 4th Valentine's day together and I'm thankful for it.

As of 4:30 pm today, I have survived my first week as a Nanny for 4 little kiddos. They are awesome and sweet kids! I can't wait to show you some of our fun crafts we've been doing! We'll be heading home tonight to go to my Father In Law's wedding tomorrow. It'll be a fast trip home but we're excited to see our families for a little bit. Have a great and safe weekend guys!

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