There's Love In the Patterson House!

That little yellow handle is our beloved snow shovel.

I love LOVE! I love the colors red and pink. I love heart shaped everything. I love all the romantic gestures done around this time of year. I love my best friend. I love getting to actually spend Valentine's Day with him unlike years past. I don't take it for granted, not one day or holiday.


This picture has nothing to do with Valentine's Day decor but it does have to do with the love in this house. My mom got us a devotional, "The Love Dare" that we've been reading every night before bed. There's nothing sexier than seeing the man you love most talk about the Man who loves us most and why working on your marriage everyday is not only worth the effort but a way to strengthen your relationships with God.

I don't have a lot of Valentine's Day decor but since we are in a house, I brought my decor with me! Here's a little tour. I say little because the decor in only in one-ish rooms. haha! Just so happens to be the room I spend the most time in!

Tiny tour, I know. But I do love the little bit decor in here. Next hoilday that I decorate for is Easter and I have even less decor for that but I'm hoping to build my stock when everything goes on sale. The only way to do it ladies!

Are you a seasonal decor lover? Why? Not really? Why?
(I like to know why for every question...Jaime loves when I ask why. haha. Not.)

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