Book No. 2: The Good Girl

pic: Pages and Lace
The Good Girl was a good mysterious/eventful read with a interesting twist on the end. Seriously, I was like 'what??' after I finished the book.

I especially liked the way it was written! It was narrated by three characters and their relationship/view of The Good Girl. Each chapter was rotated between the three, kind of like how a movie would go.

I would definitely recommend this book. Very few curse words and no explict details, just insinuated. Go to your local library and check it out. Unless you like collecting books, then this one is good for your home library too!

Popular Quote from the book:

“I know how betrayal and disillusionment feel, when someone who could give you the world refuses even a tiny piece of it.”

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I'm a quarter of the way into my third book for my summer challenge. I started a different one last week and could not get into it even after 100 pages so I decided to not waste my time. It was called The Book Thief. Ugh, not my type of read.

I took the girls to the library mainly because I told them I would last week and partly because I've been dying to find some more books. The girls were in heaven and so was I. It was a cloudy, overcast day and we needed out of the house.

I love Karen Kingsbury books, they are easy to read, usually a Christian romance (my fav), and entertaining.  I've never read anything by Jodi Picoult, but I know several people who have and loved her-so I'm excited. 

Happy July friends! Year 2016 is half-way over! That's crazy to me! Have a good night. :)


  1. I have read nearly all of Jodi Picoult's books! She is one of my favorite authors. Some of my favorites of hers are House Rules, Leaving Time, Change of Heart and Handle with Care.

    1. Thats good to know! I started her book today and I'm intrigued! I'll put those on my long list of recommended books, good thing I have a long time to read all these! :)


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