Book No.1: The Goldfinch

So I finally finished my first book for my summer challenge. I started this book at my first Nanny job and the begining really interested me...but the further I got into it, the more I just wanted it to end. The ending wasn't even good, which is sad.
My brother had it as audio book so I did much of my 'reading' on the road. He liked it and says its a well written book. My opinion is that is just goes on and on with way too much detail.
I would not recommend this to any Christian. I wasn't aware of how much cursing was in it or the drug usage, bit of homosexuality, and in the end, talk about suicide.
It was hard to get through for me, all 771 pages of it. ha! 

But I'm glad and ready to read the next book my old boss let me borrow. 
It's The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. Hoping this one is better!

Anyone have any suggestions?! My goal is to read 10 books this summer so help a girl out!


  1. If you haven't already read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers that's a good one. You'll finish that in a day!


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