Book No. 3: The Chance

This was a quick and easy read! The storyline was appealing and taught the reader to Trust God no matter the circumstance. His plans are far better than we can ever begin to imagine. The main character, Ellie, has to go through several trials in life and eventually finds her way back to God and has a chance with her one true love, Nolan. The book takes rotating chapters for each of the main characters and their perspectives through their life and messy deck they've been dealt in life. Definitely a good read! A perfect Christian Romance.

I started my next book, Leaving Time, on my day off yesterday by and in the pool. Our townhouse neighborhood has a small pool for the residents to use. 
Most of the time, I have to myself, and I don't hate it. 
Even though I'm not life guarding this summer, I'm getting a pretty good tan up here in Michigan.
Summer can stay as long as it likes!

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