Book No. 7: The Storyteller

Well, that 2 for 2 Jodi Picoult! Such a great writer! Loved this book! It's my favorite so far in all the books I've read this summer!

This book is set in a modern age but revisits life during the Holocaust. Maybe it's just me, but I love to learn more about certain historical events. Even if it's just through a fictional book. It was so intriguing. Jaime even got annoyed with me during our trip to KY this past weekend because I was being a total book worm. ha! Couldn't stop reading.

I had hoped to have all 10 books read before September. My new goal is to finish the last three before the first day of fall. So that it will still count as a summer challenge. ha! Hope you've been reading some good books this summer too!

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  1. I love Jodi Picoult books. Her book Handle with Care was really good. Her endings are always so unexpected which is a nice change from most of the christian fiction romance type books that I read. :)


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