Husband's End of Active Service

Today marks Jaime's last day of active service in the United States Marine Corps. It's pretty exciting, almost like a sigh of relief for me. Knowing my husband most likely won't be called away to war again is probably the best feeling. (He still has 3 1/2 years of inactive service.)

At the same time, I'm so proud of how hard Jaime worked as a Marine and all that he accomplished while he was in. Served twice in Afghanistan and has traveled to 10 other countries. The past 4 1/2 years he served has been filled to the brim with stories, experiences, growth, and success.

Ironically, today was also the day Jaime actually started working at his civilian job. He learned a lot and likes it so far! Which makes me happy to hear!

I made a little slide show with some pictures from over the years. Enjoy!

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