#WipeforWater Influenster Review

Influenster sent me these Neutrogena make up remover wipes. Their #wipeforwater campaign is pretty awesome! I also participated in their #wipeforwaterchallenge. I went 3 days only washing my face with their wipes. While it was a great #contest, I don't remmend doing that long term.

"Did you know that the average U.S. household wastes about 10,000 gallons of water every year? Every day you clean your face without water, you save up to five gallons of water from going down the drain. This Earth Month, Neutrogena Naturals is partnering with The Nature Conservancy to save water, and they need your help too! Let Neutrogena Naturals make it easier for you to keep your face clean-without using a drop of water. made from 100% renewable fiber, these ultra-soft wipes are clinically proven to completely remove dirt, oil and makeup, targeting even the most stubborn long-wearing and waterproof makeup. Skin is left purified fresh and healthy-looking with no greasy residue...so theres no need to rinse."-taken from the card in my Influenster box.

Since this is a review, I want my honest opinion out there. I was given this product to experience & review complimentary. While I love their campaign and am all for saving more water. These are not my most favorite wipes I've ever used simply because I already have a oily face and after wiping my face with them, it left a oilier residue. I didn't wash it off with water because that ruins their whole purpose. However, I did use my homemade wipes and my face is left fresh and clean. But I would recommend trying them out! It's a great campaign to support!

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Hope this helps anyone who is on the fence with these wipes. I love being a Influenster! Send me your email if you'd like more information how you could be an Influenster too!

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