Week[end] Recap & G I V E A W A Y

I had a great week last week other than the random cold I came down with Tuesday. It hasn't left me yet but the end is in sight! The office has been grand central station and the phones are ringing off the hook. I had to spell a lot of names and street addresses over the phone due to my nasally accent as of lately. And then I had to say "V as in Victor, O as in Oscar, etc." so 5 minute phone calls turn into 15 or longer. haha The poor people I have to talk to on a daily basis. Jaime brought me coffee and medicene one day because I was getting worse as the day went on. And then brought me flowers for no reason on Friday! He is a sweetheart! Notice how many tissues I used in two days time.

It rained most of the week and stayed around 60 degrees or lower. No cute spring outfits last week. But the weather is looking better this week. I cannot wait for some warmer days and spring outfits.

Feeling sorry for myself at work.

I started going back to the gym, now that we're settled and getting in a grove. I have lots of hard work ahead of me. If for no other reason but so I can fit into all my cute summer clothes! ha! But the day after I went to the gym, my cold came on and I couldn't breathe, stop coughing, and blowing my nose the rest of the week. ha! The devil was pushing against me!

Friday night, I came home to an empty house--which is rare since there is 7 of us living there.it was the perfect night to make a little fire. Which to me, everynight is a perfect night to make a fire. I'm somewhat of a pyromanic. Don't worry, your houses and property are safe! ha! After I had the fire going well, the boys (husband and brothers) came home and we made smores. Nothing too exciting, just nice to be home and with family.

Saturday we got up early and went to the place to get our driver's licence address renewed. We are in the process of apply for a VA Home Loan. It's so very exciting! Hopefully this summer we will be homeowners. My brother and mom came with us because theirs needed updating as well. My mom treated us to breakfast at Blue Bird Cafe. One of our favorite breakfast nooks! Normally we seen a couple family members, a few teachers from various grades, and a friend from high school when we go there. It was nice to be welcomed home by everyone I saw! We used to just get asked "when do you have to leave?" and that always made us sad to think about leaving. But not anymore!

After breakfast, Jaime and I set out to the outlets to get a few more pieces for his work wardrobe. Anytime I got to the outlets I get kind of crazy excited. It's one of my favorite places on earth. haha.

We were almost home around 5 PM, when both our phones went off saying there was a tornado warning in our county! It was kind of scary! The clouds were moving so fast and swirling. Thankfully, nothing dropped down around us but it defintely gave us all a scare.
It hailed hard twice.
Sunday we went to church and even made it to Sunday School! We might have been a little late but it's better than not going! Our preacher's son was baptized that morning. It's so encouraging to see God still working in lives-young and old! I went to Jaime's best friend's baby shower that afternoon. It was the cutest cow/farm themed shower! We're pretty excited to be Aunt Faith and Uncle Jaime! 

This explains us well. Onoery, dysfunctional, and sometimes normal.
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Hope you have a great rest of the week! 

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