First Week in the Camper

Last week was the first week in the camper and it was divine! Of course, we are still learning how to live in a camper, all the quirks you have to get used to. I'll tell you how my week went through pictures with commentary...because I'm not done rambling. Ha!

Couldn't start our adventure without a #OOTD picture.

Family Picture Time!
Charlie is like, where are we going? She is such a trooper. We've moved several times and she adjusts pretty fast every time. I kind of love this dog. We left Monday (also Memorial Day) hence the flag in the picture above. It was overcast and at some point on our journey to our camper, it completely down poured! But we made it safely there and the rain held off to unload the vehicles. We didn't do much that first night due to the fact that we had ran out of propane over the weekend and our fridge wasn't cold. We threw out the food that went bad and grabbed dinner at a great restaurant: Double Dogs.
Happy Camper Tee-Etsy
First morning at the camper, I was on a mission to get propane for the camper and get other essentials that we needed. I had to wear my new Happy Camper Tee, it is literally the softest tee that I own. I will probably wear it out this summer. Great quality!

I had been told by my cousin and several others that I needed to go to Spencer's for coffee. It was so good! I got a latte and a little mid morning sandwich that was delicious! It's a must go-to for anyone new to the Bowling Green, KY area.

Custom Patterson's Garden Flag-Etsy
 This is how our sweet little abode looks at night. Those .97 cent solar lights were well worth it! Thanks Walmart! I got the hanging lights from Amazon, they are also solar powered. I want to get more in the future for sure, and hang them everywhere!

Eno Hammocks-Double Nest-Christmas Gift

Day 2 looks rough, doesn't it?? I finished unpacking and organizing. Went to Gander Mountain-outdoor store and found the straps that Eno hammocks use. SO EASY! Wimpy girl friendly for sure! I downloaded like 8 free books from Amazon and plan to do just this all summer long when I get the chance.

We had to wait a whole day after I got the propane tanks filled because they were too heavy to pick up for me. So when Jaime got home from work, he hooked them up and then took several hours before they cooled the fridge down. I didn't get to cook in the camper until Wednesday. We're trying to stick to healthy eating! We got our plates from Sam's Club. We thought hard plastic was probably our safest way to go living in a camper. But they're cute either way!

The next morning, I went on a 3 miler run with Charlie. It was so nice to get back at it. I forgot how much I love running...or rather the feeling afterwards. ha! Endorphins are magic. I came back and had a mid morning/post run snack with my quiet time. These plates I had to get from Amazon, they are too cute not to get. I also learned that probably half the camper that are here, work at the water park/amusement park on the grounds. I guess I'll be seeing a lot more of these guys this summer!

This is where Charlie and I hang out for as long as we can.

Our view from different directions in the hammock.

The Lord provided the perfect job for me until the middle of September. I gave the park office my application Tuesday and by Thursday I had an interview. I was hired on the spot and I begin my lifeguard classes next Monday. I am so excited. A summer filled with sunshine instead of in a office like normal adults...I'll take it! My boss is 3 years younger than yeah, I kinda feel old. However, she's been lifeguarding for 6 years so it's great!

I got those little vintage toothpick holders one day at a antique store I kept passing earlier in the week. They are the perfect containers for these cute-sie succulents. I'm obsessed with them like every other girl in the world. Hope I can keep them alive this time. ha! I got this super cute cast iron tea pot off amazon. I don't have a Keurig or coffee pot in the camper so I make my coffee by heating water and using the french press. But my tea comes straight from this pot, it has a mess holder in it for loose leaf tea which is nice!

Basically, the first week was the best. Lots of exploring, job getting (I actually got another job this week), and lots of relaxing with my Charlie girl and husband. It is so, so, so nice to get to see his face every morning (even at 4:30am-I make him breakfast every morning) and night whenever he gets to come home. We usually ride our bikes before the sun goes down and it's so relaxing. Soooo not like the military life. He's happy and always in a good mood when he comes home. Not that Jaime is normally a grumpy guy, but there is a huge difference. And I love it, because I want him to be happy and enjoy life too. This current week had its challenges, but I'll let you know in my next camper post! If you're still reading, bless you! You're a sweetheart! Thanks for reading! I'm sure there will be more adventures and stories to tell as the summer goes on! Hopefully none with snakes or critters. Jaime will pee on himself if a snake gets in the camper. Yuck, gives me chills too!

Have a wonderful Thursday guys! It's Friday Eve!

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  1. So glad to hear your first week went well and your settling in!! Camping life, girl what a dream!!! :) Looking forward to your future posts about your new journey!!


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