Fourth & Fifth Week In The Camper

At the Harley Davidson Summer Shootout with my husband. 
Yes! I am still alive and living in the camper. haha! It has been a busy two weeks, hence my catch up! I've drove to Dallas, TX and back home within 48 hours, as well as work 12+ hour days, try to be a good home maker, loving wife and hard worker. 
See the past two weeks in pictures below. 

Driving me to church on her golf cart.

Fun fact, before Breanna, I never painted my nails. Now I felt incomplete without painted nails. 

I drove from our campsite to TN to pick up Breanna for our friends wedding that was held in TX. I stayed the night in her cute house Wednesday before we took off for Texas the next morning. I love relationships where no matter how much time has passed, you easily pick up right where you left off. I really felt like we were in college all over again when when had the nail-painting party. We can't have unpainted nails for a wedding now can we?

We left Thursday at 2 AM to make it in time for the wedding rehearsal in Denton, TX. She only fell asleep on me a couple times. haha!

We were so excited to see this sign! I've only had a layover in Houston, so I really enjoyed driving through Texas.

All ready for Emma's wedding rehearsal! We had a delicious meal at her in laws gorgeous home!

Emma's venue was gorgeous! I mean look at the room we got ready in!? So beautiful!

Reception before we decorated! So gorgeous all on its own.

Our view as we walked up to the alter.

Getting the bride all dressed by one of her 3 sisters and mom.

Can you tell she's been working on her back muscles?! Holy smokes!

Love all the flower details. It's so Emma!

We have a married woman now!

All the girls are finally married. There's nothing like it!

Father/Daughter dance. I love these chandeliers!

Such a cute idea! My wedding date is a babe.

What we've prayed for for as long as we can remember. Married to the ones God has been preparing for us all along!

 We drove home from Texas at 4 AM Saturday morning. I got home just in time to celebrate Father's day cookout with all my family. We played ultimate Frisbee. Holy moly! What a workout! We all finished playing soaking with sweat, bruised all over, and smiling. I love my family so much.

 My brothers, husband, and I took out my dad for a Father's Day breakfast before church on Sunday. Where else but his favorite: Cracker Barrel!

We went to church with Jaime's dad and little sister. Glad we got to spend time with both of our dad's!

I needed a little relaxation after all the driving before we headed home that night. The water temperature was perfect! 

  On our drive home, we had massive and beautiful heat lighting. Jaime missed heat lightning when he was deployed and stationed in Okinawa. I'll never watch heat lightning without thinking about that. The simple things our military men and women miss while they are serving our country. Don't take living in the United States for granted. There's so much beauty here.

While I was driving around that weekend, Jaime was working and buying 20 head of steer! We are sort of farmers now! We still want to farm and own one, one of these days. It's an exciting step for our future.

Breakfast view.
This picture is somewhat deceiving. Yes, camping can be beautiful and calm. However, this past work week was hard, tiring, and long. I worked 13 hour days for 3 days straight. However, I did finally get to lifeguard a couple days last week. It was stressful but so nice to be in the sun. Don't worry, I sprayed sunscreen religiously! I only got a tiny bit pink one day.

Playing Frisbee is Charlie's new favorite game. Her coat length is my favorite on her, she looks like a teddy bear. I hate leaving her to go to work. Dogs should totally be allowed to lifeguard too.

 I bike almost every day to work and then I swim on my 15 minute breaks. Hopefully I'll burn a few more calories this summer!

Supporting my beloved state with a new tee from My Kentucky Tee; I've teamed up with this awesome company! They have a super fun subscription where they send you a new KY tee for $15 each month. Every new member receives this tee for joining. Definitely something different and fun for those of you looking to give a fun gift to friend or for yourself! Looking forward to the next tee!

Yes, I posted the same picture twice. haha! I worked the Harley Davidson event at Beech Bend Raceway for the last 3 days. It was fun and crazy! Definitely gave Jaime bike fever. Maybe we'll compromise a bike for a baby...then again we can dream, can't we. ;)

Hope you all are having a great Monday! 

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