Three Weeks of Camper Life & Adventures

How did 3 weeks slip by since I blogged?! I know why...SUMMER. There's just so much going on, who wants to stay indoors and blog? (Probably real bloggers who have wifi in their homes-ha!)

Really, life is good here in our literal neck of the woods.

The days are long, we're working hard, we grill almost every night, we hang dry our clothes (when it's not raining!), we cuddle at the end of every day, we throw frisbee with Charlie till she can't run anymore, and family has come to visit two weekends in a row!

I just really love this time in our life.

When Jaime leaves at 5AM, we go back to bed. And this is what I find next to me 75% of the time. Spoiled much? Nah. Loved? Absolutely.

After work one day, we met up with some of Jaime's co-workers for $4 dollar burgers at 440 Main downtown in Bowling Green. You can't really see it, but my sweater has a flamingo on it and I scored it at Target for $8! Holla!

Mornings that I lifeguard, I don't have to be at work until 9:50 and I lovvvvve slow mornings! I get to drink my coffee out of a mug and play with Charles.

Just because. She's cute. And I love her coat length right now. I'll trim around her face too.

Cooked ground turkey for turkey tacos and some zucchini fresh from mom's garden.

Rocksbox sent me some goodies that are to die for in my last box. Use my code: faithnallthingsxoxo for your first month absolutely free!

We got a lot of rain in our part of the state, much like everyone else! We splashed in some rain puddles and met some neighbor dogs.

My cute Independence Day tee is from My Kentucky Tee. Each month they send you a KY tee for $15 dollars a month. Such a fun subscription! This was June's tee which was perfect for the Fourth of July!

One day I worked second shift in the camp ground office, I didn't think I would stay awake because we normally go to bed around 9:30. But forreal. Those 4:30 AM alarms come fast! Anyways, the sweet old man who lives above the office works the 3rd shift and was grilling ribs, and brought me some! SOOOOO good! I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Also on this night, I had to track the water levels of Barren River behind the campground. We were 3 ft. away from having to evacuate everyone! I was praying awfully hard because you could see the river so close to where our camper is. Yikes! Close call. God was watching out for us.

These pictures are a result of asking Jaime for a good fourth of July picture. He loves to aggravate and make it harder than it has to be. haha!  Then we came home and he took a good one for me. I love this guy so much. He's the best. He took me out to Cracker Barrell on the Fourth before I had to work all day.

That Kentucky sunset y'all. The perks of working in the drag strip tower.

My baby brother came down to spend the weekend with us, which was so exciting! Our first camper guest! He got to sleep on the bunk beds too. So fun!

Jaime took us on a tour of the job site where he works and did a little work in his new office while we were there.

Safety first!

Alex grilled some turkey burgers for us, for lunch. He said he was a master grill-er. haha!

Our 4th of July set up with our guest of honor. ;)

Boys cooked while I rested. Living the life, I tell you!

We took the canoe out in hopes of...well...canoeing. I guess we weren't really thinking about how much it had rained recently and all the rivers were flooded. So we came home and went to the water park. I get in free because I work there, Jaime gets in free because he's a Veteran, and we only had to pay half price for Alex. We had so much fun on the water slides at Beech Bend Splash Lagoon.

They are crazy. Alex and I are so much alike in a lot of areas. Picture taking is one of them!

Then Monday's roll around, the French Press breaks, and you have to drink some tea before a long day of life guarding.

And then we grill, again, because charcoal is cheaper than getting propane tanks for the camper to use the stove.

My boss gave me the keys to his truck and money to run some errands. It's always a good thing when your boss trust you THIS much.

I put some clever caption with this picture on Instagram. But I just really like pretty pictures.

Our second weekend with camper guests! Jaime's mom, brother, step sister, and sister-in-law came to spend the weekend with us. We had so much fun!

Breakfast at Wild Eggs with the family! REALLY good crepes!

Spent the day at the water park with the family! 

We went shopping with the family that evening in the Mall that I had yet to visit. Shocker right? I ended up meeting an Instagram friend, turned to Facebook friend, turned to real life friend at the Gap.  She was a Marine Wife and they also recently got of the Marines. So cool how social media brings people together!

We said goodbye to the family at one of our local donut shops. They are so good! Hence all the to-go boxes!

Bike riding adventures Sunday afternoon with Jaime and Charles. The heat go to Charlie pretty fast, so she rode in my basket like a good girl.

I got super burnt one day. Not enough SPF.

Watermelon never tasted so good after a long day. 

All I did was lifeguard this week. Our lifeguards are dropping like flies. These July days are hot. I've also learned that kids don't know how to work and most simply don't want to. They will be in for a rude awakening when they decide to become adults.

My date is such a stud. He introduced me as his girlfriend. haha! Keeping marriage hot. ;)

Something fun happened this week and I got to dress up for it! Jaime's company gave all the co-workers and their families tickets to a baseball game. We got to sit in box seats and have food catered in. I got the pleasure of meeting Jaime's co-workers, they all seem like great guys. We're really blessed to be apart of this company. We had such a good time too!

I went into work yesterday at it said on the schedule. Only to discover they changed it to life guarding at 9:50. I was little upset but then realized I had plenty of time to enjoy the rest of my coffee and have a little devotional.
I read John 16:33: "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."
Don't fret over how the world is changing and the direction our country is going. God has overcome the world. Such peace in that!

Are you tired of listening to me ramble or endless life guarding pictures? Okay, okay. I'm done, for now. Just wanting to record this time in our life. The fun thing about it all is that in a couple months it's going to change! We've been told there's a change we could be on this job site until next March, but no actual news yet. So I'm kinda hoping we get to go somewhere new at the end of October like we were expecting from the beginning.

Hope you have a great Friday and weekend! I'll be working but what's new. I'm thankful I'm getting to work as much as I have been able to since we've moved here.

I'm going to leave Starbucks before they throw me out and go find some shampoo to get this green tint out of my hair. Thanks chlorine!

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