Second Week In The Camper

We went home after the first week to see our friend's new baby and run some errands. We came home (the camper is referred to the house or home) Sunday afternoon and layed in the hammock before we went to dinner.

  If you are wondering "Is that a beer?!" No, it sure isn't. Ale81 is a soda only made in KY. It tastes like a citrus-y ginger ale. We both love it!

We went to Chaney's Dairy Barn for dinner and dessert. Our dinner was pretty good but our ice cream wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. We were referred to come here and I hate to give bad reviews. Maybe we just ordered the wrong stuff. I'll probably try their desserts again because...duh...I love ice cream and milkshakes.

 We came home and biked 5 miles to get rid of all the calories we just ate. I accidently ran over Charlie on my bike....I thought for sure I broke her paw. I took her off the leash and tried to console her. She just kind of looked at me like "How could you?!" If you're a fur parent then you know how that hurts your heart. *Cue the "let me love you reaction."* Jaime thought she was fine, just stunned. He took off on his bike up the hill and she ran after him. They were going 14 miles an hour! No joke! I think she's fine if she can still run that fast. Little booger.

See where that towel is? Monday afternoon when I went to wash the dishes, I heard the sink leaking. There was water everywhere! I was holding a pan under the sink while also scooping water out of the sink and into a pot. I was a little frazzled and in need of help. I called Jaime to let him know. He said he would look at it when he got home. I thought, "we don't know anything about plumbing or campers, why don't I call a professional?" I set up the appointment, he said he would be there in 30 minutes. I was so proud of my self for taking initiative, so I called Jaime to let him know...bad move. Jaime said he could fix it and was already at Lowe's getting supplies. He came home and the professional told us we needed to drain both tanks and that they were backed up causing this leak. Where the leak was, the pipes didn't fix quite right but it had been holding since 2004 because there was no sign of water damage. So we paid a hefty $75 service call for a guy to empty the tanks. Yeah, that was a learning moment for our marriage. I learned my lesson.

Future newlyweds: "Do not call the professional, if your husband says he can fix it, let him try!"

The same day I also discovered ants crawling all over the slideout edge. They had made a trail straight to the trash can and had already got in there! I took the trash out and went to Pinterest for help to rid us of ants. One article told me they hate essential oils and named a few. Another article said they will die from Baking Soda. Since my homemade facewash is mainly essential oils, I pumped some on a cotton ball and rubbed it all down the boarder and trash can. Then I took Baking powder and rubbed it in the same places I rubbed the facewash. And you know what? I haven't seen a ant there since! Thank you Pinterest!

So glad that Monday was over!

 Not all bad things happened on that Monday though! I was doing laundry at the laundry mat on the camp grounds. I had ran out of quarters for the dryers, so I ran up to the front office to exchange some dollar bills.

The lady that was working is our "grandma" here. She told us to call her that. We always stop and talk to her on our way in and out of the camp grounds. Anyways, she loves Jaime and I. The owner the campgrounds was in his office and she told me to come in and talk to him about working in the office. I had just been previously hired to do the lifeguard classes that past Thursday by his granddaughter. After he went over my resume and we talked for a little bit, he asked if I could come in at 8 the next morning to work. Wow! I was super excited and ready to work, so obviously I said yes! I can ride my bike to and from work everyday. I love it. Telling Jaime I got a second job made my service call move seem not so bad. We still cuddled at the end of the day, all is well. :)

 My boss invited us to sit with him in the announcers box Tuesday evening so he could get to know us both. Every Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday, they have some sort of event at the drag strip. There's a lot going on down here!

Jaime came home from work later than normal Wednesday night so we didn't get a chance to look for a new church to attend down here. We grilled turkey burgers and had a devotional. Sometimes it's good to just spend time with your man, outside, and in God's Word.

We went on a little bike ride as a family after dinner.

Here's my commute to work featuring my outfit of the day! I must say life is good! We went home for the last time for awhile this past weekend. Now that I'm done with training and everything, I can begin working all the time! Boss said if I want to work 7 days a week, he will work me. I'll probably take at least a day off to hang out with my husband. But we are truly saving as much as possible because we are still dreaming and preparing for the future.

Happy hump day!

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