Weekend Recap (x4)

Going over to a friends house for a cookout!

Well, it's been exactly a month since my last post. Part of me feels bad about not documenting more and the other part felt like I got a vacation from the media world for a little bit. 

Have no fear! I've got a super long blog post to inform you (and future me reading this) of all the fun and adventure we had this past month! Feel free to just scroll through the pictures ( I do that sometimes to weekend recap posts too!), I'll never know the difference. haha!

I sort of teamed up with Walgreen's for a little summer ad. I went into Walgreens and picked out items I would and have actually used this summer. The little brown bottle is called Hask coconut mono oil. It has been a life saver this summer. I still haven't used it all, it only cost $2.99, and I use it a couple times a week. The sun and chlorine have made my hair super dry and when I use this stuff, it brings it back to its glossy and healthy self! No joke. I love it. The rest is self explanatory. The jewels are from one of my Rocksbox packages. As always, so pretty! Use my code: faithnallthingsxoxo for your first month absolutely FREE!

I made all of Jaime's dreams come true this weekend we went home. He's wanted a bike his whole life. I really am not a fan of them because they are so dangerous. I've always heard how buying a crotch rocket is like asking for a death wish.
When your husband has deployed twice to Afghanistan and he came home all in one piece...the last thing you want is the chance for him to die on a motorcycle in America.
But you know what? Jaime isn't mine. I can't protect him.
Jaime is God's son. God has the power to protect him from anything. He protected him in Afghanistan, he can protect him on a bike in America.
So I let go and let him get his bike. I even went to the bank and presented him with his envelope of green to go get the dern thing.
I pray for him everyday he rides it. Sometimes multiple times.
From the beginning, I told him, I'm not riding with you until you're more experienced. But guess what, I've rode with him several times. And as much as it is scary, it is so fun! We like our new little toy!

We got to come home one weekend and of course we ate at The Bluebird for our first breakfast back since Father's Day weekend.

The main reasons we went home that weekend were to go to my cousins birthday party, get the bike, and to go to my dad's birthday party. It's so fun being with my family. I can't wait for the day when we live and work close to them all.

In case you ever wanted to see a sexy picture of me.

As always, we made a bonfire at my parents house with my brothers. Made S'mores and hung out. Someone was playing with fireworks in the neighborhood behind us and we got a cute kissey picture out of it.

You can't wipe the smile of this guys face. He's got his truck, his little dog, and his motorcycle. What more could a guy want?!

This was the My Kentucky Tee's July tee of the month. Inspired by Abraham Lincoln's quote "I hope to have God on my side. But I must have Kentucky." I wore it to the racetrack with a Ale81 in hand. Just your typical Kentucky girl. If you don't know what Ale81 is, it's just a Kentucky made soft drink. Most people say it's a citrus-y ginger ale.

Peaceful day off, sipping coffee and watching the rain fall.

We had a orange and yellow sky fall over the campground after a thunder storm. We mainly just got the wind and rain from it. But that sky was a beauty!

Those early summer runs are hard in the middle of July. But Charlie basically begs me to get outside and play every morning. Yes, she ran the whole time with me.

It's a fact!

We seem to have a new tradition where we eat brunch on Sunday mornings before I go lifeguard at the park. I kind of love it.

Out of the kindness of my husband's heart, he washed the clothes and put them on the line to dry. When I came home from work, they were still damp so we had to hang all the clothes in the camper so 1. the dew wouldn't set on them and 2.  he'd have underwear for the next morning. haha!

"Will you go on a ride with me?"
"Will you take me to get ice cream?"
"Let's go!"

Bike's are fun for those random-middle-of-the-week trips.

Mum and I. I miss hanging out with her.

 Middle brother.

Second child. Oldest brother.

Baby brother in the back left.

We went white water rafting in TN with the family two Saturday's ago. It was our first mini family vacation since we've added Jaime to the mix. We had a great time and wish it wasn't just two days.  

Riding a ferris wheel in Pigeon Forge, TN.

"I need to get a few groceries after work."
"Or you could wait till I get home and we can go together!"
"But I'm riding my bike there."

Our romantic grocery trip might have been used for another excuse to ride his bike. Either way he went grocery shopping with me and made a mundane task so much more fun!

Wearing August's My Kentucky's Tee! I ended up getting recruited to work the concession stands at the racetrack last Tuesday night. There's a first time for everything! We can add this as my 4th job here at Beech Bend!

My pretty view as I work second shift at the campground office.

I took this pretty picture of my afternoon latte at a local coffee shop here in Bowling Green. What isn't shown is me still WIDE awake at 2AM because of it. haha! I'm not sure what super caffeine was in this drink but that never happens!

Cruising around the campground while the burgers are on the grill.

It wouldn't be right to go all summer without going to the Drive-In once!

Biking to breakfast before work yesterday!

I just like playing with my $5 selfie stick.

 S'more's anyone? A beautiful sight to end the weekend.

Hope you had a great weekend. Now that the park is closed during the week, look forward to more posts! Yay!! I've already got a fun one lined up for later this week!

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