Goodbye September, Hello October

September left us a week ago! Where do the days go? Seriously! 
I'm playing a little catch up and doing a little Instagram round up. September was the best month all year! The beginning of the month was filled with anniversary shenanigans that were blogged here. After we came home from my surprise anniversary weekend, I came home-home to get Charlie from my parents house. I got to eat lunch with my Grandmother, my mom & dad, and two of my cousins. It's a special treat to get to hang out with family in the middle of a busy week. 

Charlie got to play with two of my brother's puppies. Sissy the blue heeler and I forgot the pit bull's name, but they had so much fun chasing each other.

I got to visit the newest addition to our big family, Bo David. He's such a good and calm baby. Gives me all sorts of baby fever...then again all babies do.

We used the money my parents gave us as a anniversary present to get gym memberships. Since joining, Jaime has maybe missed 3 days of not going to the gym. I on the other hand haven't been as faithful, but at least 3-5 days a week. My body is losing some inches. We've been eating very healthy and haven't ate out but twice since joining. We joined Planet Fitness and got the black membership because we can go to any PF's location with it...which is beneficial since we will eventually move out of Bowling Green.

We've been trying to eat healthy snacks to fuel our body. If you live in Kentucky, go to your Kroger grocery store and get Sweet Grass's granola. It is so good! When I worked at a slaughter house in between semesters in college (that's a story for another day), I met Carolyn and Jacob, the sweet couple behind this granola. Check out their website for more details: They work hard to make this home grown granola.

I accepted my cousin's proposal to be a bridesmaid via FaceTime due to the distance! I can't wait to help plan and put together crafts to make her special day one of the best days of her life. I love my Meggy also known as "thithy"(saying sissy with a lisp). Long story short: one summer we spent almost every day together and we feel more like sisters than cousins.

So we had some camper problems in September but Jaime took care of it like a man.

Our electric went out sometime when we were both at work one day. We asked the campground maintenance man to check it out for us, he didn't have the proper tools but told us it was an internal issue. So we called it a night. We made a makeshift cooler for all the fridge contents with a big plastic storage tote and ice. I had just gotten groceries the day before and it was late. We didn't feel like driving to the store to spend money on an actual cooler but it worked! It did sweat quite a bit, so we put it on the kitchen floor with towels under it. It was a hot night and we opened all the windows to try to cool it down.
The next morning, I went to work but the maintenance man went back to the camper and with Jaime's help they figured out it was just a bad connection in the electrical area. They saved us potentially thousands of dollars we thought we were going to have to spend. What a blessing!

On top of fixing the camper's electric, Jaime moved the camper to the middle in preparation for the cold fall and winter. The more sunshine the camper can get the less likely we'll freeze to death. haha! Plus the sap from the trees were making a mess all over our vehicles and camper.
Jaime didn't stop there! He fixed other issues our camper had: the awning was stuck and wouldn't roll out, lose trim that needed screwed in, the metal on the bottom had puckered out and to prevent rust he drilled some screws into it, and other small jobs. He also tied down the awning to the ground so the wind wouldn't rip it apart and we could sit outside in the rain. We hung lights around the awning for fun. We also hung an American and Marine Corp flag because we're patriotic.
I read an article about living in a camper the other day when I was Pinterest-ing and she said "There will always be a problem in your camper that needs fixing. And she's right.
Right now, ants are coming through the slide out and there's a leak from the bathroom sky light. But we'll handle the problems as they come. Life is still good!

The next night we grilled and ate outside under the stars and twinkly lights. We grilled chicken and put a cast iron skillet with olive oil and Mrs. Dash seasoning all over brussel sprouts. We also cooked two sweet potatoes. We use a lot of paper plates and plastic cups because washing dishes every single day is for the birds. My mom had to remind me to be a more virtuous woman the other day when I was complaining about washing dishes. I'll never complain again when we live in an actual house. (Hold me to that!)

Our new location is fun...we have grass! Charlie loves it. We throw the Frisbee most mornings!

We had some car issues but they are almost fixed. Gave me a reason to dress up and grab a yummy latte. What made it even yummier is that the car in front of me bought it for me! I teared up! Thankful for God's blessings along life's narrow way.

Our new location makes a world of difference. With the awning down, I can sit in my chair and have devotions. I naturally wake up early and the campground is quite. Makes for good God and I time.

I purchased a coffee cozy from a cute little shop and I think I need one for every holiday. It's eco friendly so I should right? haha! Oh the things girls can say to justify purchases.

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The great thing about having a big family is you never know who will be passing through! We caught up over some yummy tea at a local favorite coffee shop: Spencers.

I posted this picture for two reasons:

1. Jaime went grocery shopping for us and brought back this yummy treat for cheat night.
2. "Babe, those flowers have lasted you a long time." haha! They are fake and I've had them since July! I love how close guys pay attention to little details around the house.

I really love being married to him, he knows how to make me laugh...but he was being serious.

Ended the month with a super fall-y picture. It was National Coffee Day and I got a free black coffee at Dunkin Donuts...score! I was wearing my favorite rain boots and gingham button up from Sam's Club. The day was a good one despite the rain because we added a furry addition to our family that day! Meet Maggie in my next post!

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