Meet Maggie!

Meet Maggie!
She's our newest furry addition to the Patterson family. I've really wanted to get Charlie a playmate and I wanted it to be my dream dog. I thought I wanted a red/apricot goldendoodle but as they get older, their coloring fades. So I found this mini Irishdoodle that's color stays very rich and red. Google an Irish Setter, they are beautifully colored dogs. So Jaime randomly gave in and said I could get my dream dog. I started googling that night (Sunday), emailed a lady, she emailed back Monday morning. Called her, asked lots of questions, pictures sent, and paid for her. By Tuesday night she was shipped to us in Nashville from Wisconsin. 
The night and first week she was home, she was super shy. Didn't want or know how to play with either me or Charlie. But now, she's a running and energetic puppy! She's only had one accident in the camper but other than that, potty training is going well. She sleeps through the night without whining. She LOVES cuddling with us. Charlie shows no signs of jealously or hatred towards her. Charlie wants to play with her and has been super good to her. I'm excited to watch them grow up and old together. 

^^Pictures from the night we got her.^^

I forgot how much puppies sleep, Charlie just wanted to play with her.

We're smitten with her.

Her coloring looks different in the lighting and with different filters but she's very much so a dark red color. That face...looks like a teddy bear. My mom said she doesn't even look real. ha!

So that's that! We have a new fur baby and we love her!
We may be crazy for having two dogs in a small camper but love grows best in small spaces.

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