UK Football & Special Moms

The last two weekends have been busy and so much fun! It's nice to be able to see family two weekends in a row! Very much so cherished!

The first weekend of October was a family tailgating event put on by my husband's work. They had a huge clear tent with heaters and tables full of families of those who worked for Gray Construction. They had some delicious food catered in for us. There was bounce houses for the kids, a DJ, and other activities for everyone.

They also gave everyone and their family members tickets to the UK football game. It was so nice to get together with family and meet his co-workers. Such a nice company to work for!

I went all out for the game! My bangles are from one of my favorite bangle makers: Isle Coast. And my necklace was from another company I adore: Peach State Jewels. I had to borrow this blue cardigan from my mom because I didn't bring weather appropriate clothing. Thank goodness for moms!

We got to stay for Sunday morning church service and lunch at moms too! 

Pictured is two out of three of my brothers and the youngest's girlfriend.

Oh just me and the hubs. It's a rare treat to dress up these days in the camping world.

So this weekend was one for the books! We meet our moms in Gatlinburg, TN to celebrate both their birthdays! Yes, our moms have the same birth date and are just two years apart in age. Pretty cool! Makes it easier for us who have to travel so much!

We both worked Friday so we left pretty early Saturday morning. We always have fun on road trips! We barely got to see each other this week due to Jaime's job site entering it's final stages which equals looooong hours! I'm talking 16 hours a day sometimes. Not fun but he's keeping on!

As you can tell, we can entertain ourselves very well!

We met up with his mom, brother, sister-in-law, and step sister at the outlets for a rainy day of shopping! After we were all shopped out, I took them to the Apple Barn for lunch/dinner. It was yummy as always and they loved it too! I was raised going here and I always got a .99 cent apple ring for my souvenir. Some memories never fade. We spent the night with his family in their chalet. So much fun!

(I had a mint in my jaw. haha! Chubby cheeks!)

The next morning, we met up my parents for breakfast and 5 mile hike. It was gorgeous! I can't wait until we go back to hike there again!

The colors were unreal! So rich! It probably helped that it rained all day the day before!

We stopped at the hike's half way point and turned around to go back down. If we had more time, we would have gone the other two and half miles up!

I just love this picture dad took. I had asked Jaime if my hair looked bad and he was brushing it behind my shoulder for me. Makes my heart smile to see our love in action.

We've had such a nice break from working for the past two weekends. Cherish your moms and time spent with family! God blessed me with great in-laws and family. So thankful for our time together.

Hope your Monday is going well! How was your weekend!?


  1. SO sweet that both of y'all's mom's share the same birthday!!!! My mom and Matthew's parents birthday is all within two weeks of each other in December! So December is usually a busy, but exciting month for us!!

    We are going to Gatlinburg at the end of this month and I am SO excited!! Where did y'all go hiking? I've been looking up different places trying to find something different than what we usually do lol. I'm hoping the trees are still changing colors by time we get up there!! I love Gatlinburg in the fall. All of your pictures are gorgeous, and I love that video of y'all dancing!!!!

    1. I know, I love it! That's fun though, running around celebrating for two weeks sounds good to me!

      You'll have so much fun! I'm sure there will still be pretty leaves! There are so many hiking trails! We went on Mt. LeConte's trail. We only went to the half way mark due to not having enough time that day. It's not too hard of a hike but it gets steeper after the half way mark according to my parents who have already hiked the whole thing. I'm sure you can find a hiking brochure anywhere down there to choose from.
      Thank you, Thank you!


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