2015 Christmas Card

Merry Christmas from the Pattersons!

We made it to Colorado yesterday safely. My uncle Tony picked us up in Denver, we ate at a local breakfast nook called Snooze AM Eatery. So good! We then took Jaime to Manitou Springs and The Garden of the Gods National Park. We'll be headed to the mountains Monday and we cannot wait! 

I wanted to show you our cute Christmas card ornaments we ordered from Shutterfly this year. I was so excited to mail them out until I found out because of the card size, you have to add an extra .22 cents on each card. -__- But I still love them and hope you all do too!

 The backside of it.


  1. Totally stealing that idea for
    next year!!

    1. Go for it! Just remember it was an extra .22 cents per card because of the size.


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