November/December Round Up

So I'm a little late talking about November and what all we've been up to. But something is better than nothing right? Actually this will be kind of a long post but, you can always just scroll through the pictures. ha!

November was a little less than eventful other than being home for Thanksgiving. I was let-go at Beech Bend due to not many drag races left of the season and they just don't need that many people to work for them during the winter. So I spent many days outside with the dogs, looking for jobs, and I even had a interview! The place I had a interview at wouldn't hire me because I couldn't promise them at least 6 months of work. We are supposed to leave Bowling Green, KY in February...could be sooner. So I'm just kind of jobless and being a loser. I can't wait to move to our next place so I can get back to working!

So without a further ado: my life in pictures until today.

These fur babies love playing in the crunchy leaves!

Getting to look at this beautiful arrangement picked out by my hubby while I do my devotional was not taken for granted!

I mean, really? How cute is she?!

Soaking up the last of the fall foliage, drinking tea, and doing my devotional.

Sending me pictures during the work day. That's our good friend Jeremy!

How can you say "no" to that face.

Soaking in mom and dad's tub before a long day of shopping the next day.

My outfit for our Girls Annual Shopping Trip!
Every year since I was born (maybe before?), my mom, along with my aunts and cousins all go shopping one day out of the year around Christmas time. It's always so fun to ride together and catch up. I love my family so much!

We literally shop until we drop!

All the girl cousins we had with us that day. Some married in but we love them just the same!

Got to go bridesmaid dress shopping! We actually found our dress that day! Can't wait to get it in! Hoping to loose some inches before it gets here. ha! Good luck with the holidays approaching, right?

I just really liked my outfit that day.

This snuggling is a rare occurrence. Charlie must have been too tired to fight Maggie's lovings!

Some of the best popcorn you'll ever eat. I bought it just in time for Mother Nature to show her self. Good and slightly healthy for comfort food.

Just make yourself comfy Mags.

Sitting in my favorite coffee shop, blogging, on a rainy day. 

Head over to to get this cute baseball tee! Would make a cute gift for your girlfriends! She's also got free shipping for orders over $25 for a limited time only! So many fun gifts!

This cute mug is from my favorite local coffee shop down here. I'm glad I have a little piece of this adventure to take with me everywhere we go. Also, we were gifted this blanket from my husband's company. SO soft!

Little Maggie had some worms and fleas last month. I had to take her to the vet for some wormer and flea pills. She got a little treat and helped me pick out her and Charlie's christmas gifts. ha! Yes, I know..they are spoiled. EVERYONE at Petsmart wanted to pet and love on her. They all wanted to know what breed she was and where to get one. haha! I don't blame them, she's a sweetheart.

I went to lunch with Jaime and his co-workers and then it started becoming a weekly thing. So much fun!

This particular visit, I got to go on a tour of all that they've worked on since July. Looks like a completely different plant! My husband's writing and work was all over this huge project. Made me so proud of him and all that he does to provide for us.

So I have another favorite coffee cozy made by: SundayFashioner. Anything KY themed, count me in! Would make a great stocking stuffer! I got it in two days! Talk about fast shipping!

Our family picture traveling back home for Thanksgiving. We really lucked out in the good traveling dogs department. They just sleep the whole time.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Patterson's!

Almost all the girl cousins at thanksgiving dinner on my side.

So Jaime had a good Black Friday shopping experience!

Out and about on Small Business Saturday! This sweatshirt and I kid you not is the softest sweatshirts I own! I got it from ShopLocalKY, it's their ugly christmas sweater. But I happen to think it's adorable. Jaime (in the picture above) is wearing another one of their sweatshirts. He also loves his!

Little snack at Coffee Times in Lexington on Small Business Saturday. Best hot chocolate I've ever had in my life: Campfire Cocoa.

Fresh and huge Christmas Tree at my parents. Smells so good!

My 80 something year old grandmother made us Sunday lunch since the whole family was home. I love being home with these people.

Getting festive at work! Also, those leggings are a must buy for every woman in your life. They are from White Plum but I bought them off of Jane for $9. I know I say this about a lot of stuff but I truly mean it, these are the softest leggings you'll ever own!

All the presents have been bought as of the first week of December and they are all wrapped after last weekend. We will be having Christmas with both our immediate families this weekend since we will be flying to Colorado next Friday. WOOHOO! We don't want to haul presents for my parents and brothers back and forth. Also, we got a really good deal on our airfare! We're flying Frontier for $195 round trip a person! Pray we have a good experience. I'd like to start using them more often!

Out and about, thrifting, dreaming of our future house and all the decor. Also used my free-lucky-dozen drink from Starbs and it was a carefree fun day.

Here's our ornament for this year. Should have brought the year down a little bit but it's okay!

Wearing the girls out in the field next to the campground. It was so muddy and wet. They both got baths after that. The next day they both slept sooo much.

I did participate in Cyber Monday this year but I only had one thing on my list. A new dog crate for Maggie. As you can see she had outgrown Charlies old crate. We got this huge crate for $33 and that's with shipping. Thanks Petsmart! I put Charlie in the new one just to show how ginormous it was.
We don't know how big Maggie will get so this should cover it. Her mom is a 65 lb Irish setter and her dad is a 12 lb poodle. So who knows! She's currently 12 lbs and at 18 weeks old. I think she has plenty of growing to do!

Typical morning, after Jaime leaves at 6:30, I make coffee or tea and eat my breakfast with my cuddle bugs.

Jaime worked last weekend and he called me up and told me to come help him! So I did! And it was so fun, basically doing secretarial blueprint work while he got other stuff done. He took me to a local Amish bakery for lunch. Oh my word, DELICIOUS food on homemade bread. And you know our dessert was to die for!

 We went on a fun date last Saturday. First one in a while. Went to watch the Mocking Jay, got popcorn and a diet coke! It was good. Not as good as the other movies but it was a good way to end. The books are much better, as always. 
Then we went to Walmart to find shoe insoles because his feet are so messed up from the Marine Corps. The VA keeps saying nothing is wrong with them but when he can't sleep due to shooting pains when he lies down at night...I'd have to disagree. He will be going to a real doctor soon and see what they have to say. Pray for him, I'd love for him to be able to sleep nice and sound.

My outfit of the day Tuesday at work. It was so warm, I was sweating by lunch! Will have to wear this in Michigan! ha! 
This cozy is from Shop Catherine Mason. I love it! I ordered a fun one for after Christmas that I can't wait to use!

So maybe I'm crazy but mostly because I was bored. I made the girls an instagram: Charlie and Maggie Adventures. I take too many pictures of them not to post. So to make my followers not hate me for all the dog posts, I made them one. Go follow them! I'm still surprised by how many "doggie friends" that are following them!

There's nothing like a good conversation with a friend to get you digging into God's Word!

I actually took this today, I wanted to find/support another local place when I need wifi. This place is called Sweet Temptations Bakery. I called beforehand to see if they had wifi, they said yes. When I got there and tried to login, it wouldn't connect. I even bothered them to ask if it needed to be reset and they said I was the first person to ever use their wifi and they didn't know how to fix it. haha! 

So I didn't get to blog while I was there but I did enjoy a cup of joe and a sugar cookie! They were very sweet and the cookie was great. May have to go back to get Jaime and I treats in the future.

However we've been working out more lately and I am so sore. Jaime is a slave driver! Literally, my arms feel so heavy while I've been typing this out. I think Jaime would make a great personal trainer...maybe one day!

I hope your Thursday is going by fast. The weekend is almost here and boy I cannot wait! I can't wait to go home and spend time with our families. I'm making homemade crockpot hot chocolate at the Patterson's *early* Christmas breakfast Saturday. I'll let you know how it goes! Have a good one guys!

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