You didn't think I would write our Love Story, Wedding experience, and not write about our Honeymoon, did you? haha! Well let me tell you, call your local Travel Agent to make sure you have the best honeymoon ever. I wish I would have!! 

We understood that Marines were not allowed to go to Mexico if they were still active in the military. So I thought that meant we couldn't go on a cruise or all-inclusive. WRONG! Now that I know there are several countries that you can stay all-inclusive and cruises that stay in the bahamas/caribbean, I am kicking myself! I still don't even know if Marines are allowed to go to Mexico.

But I mean, a honeymoon is a honeymoon! We were finally married and not even where we went mattered. I just wanted Jaime and the sunshine--and that's what I got! We had a wonderful honeymoon in Marco Island, FL. We flew into Naples late on the day we got married. Most people stay at a hotel their first night married and then travel the next day...but not me. Dad asked me what I wanted to do for my honeymoon. I said I want to wake up the next day to the sound of the ocean and that's what happened. Jaime's dad gifted us by paying for our honeymoon! We cannot thank him enough for doing that for us! We are so blessed!

I wore my vail with my getaway dress through the airports. We got lots of "congratulations" which was fun!

This is Jaime's favorite picture. haha!

Oddly enough, we ran into Mike and Takira in the Atlanta airport. Takira caught my bouquet and Mike caught the garter at our wedding earlier that day! 

Our driver who brought us from the airport to our hotel bought me food from McDonald's (only thing open that late)--I was starving! We had to have a driver because I was 20 and he was 21--the price for young couples to rent a car is crazy expensive.

This was our view we woke up to the next morning!

Yes, he is wearing a ugly beautiful Hawaiian shirt. I told him it was our honeymoon and he could wear whatever he wanted. haha My brother Jacob knew that and bought this shirt for him because he knew I would love ( but actually, gouge my eyeballs out) it so much.

First dinner at a local restaurant on the island. It was yummy!

I made breakfast for my new husband every morning on our honeymoon. I was finally getting to be the wife I always dreamed of being. Plus breakfast for two was like 30 bucks. Yikes!

What a view.

This guy sculpted a sea turtle out of the sand. It was pretty cool.

We met a fellow Marine and he gave us a discount on the jet ski! It was so fun!

Free fruit slushies every day at 3 beachside  thanks to the hotel! 

I couldn't see very well in my big hat. 

Paddle boarding! It's my favorite thing to do when I'm on the beach...besides laying out. ha!

Ah! He's my forever.

This may sound weird but we had Vacation Parents. We met them on the beach and they invited us to eat twice with them. They drove us to Naples and we had a great time with them! He gives us a call every now and then just to check up on us! They are just so sweet!

Naples, FL

Last beach day. 

Last dinner on our honeymoon.

Jaime broke the plane and our flight was delayed for a little bit while they fixed this piece. haha!

Headed home to be in friend's wedding! 

Happy, tan, and finally married.


  1. My family owns a home on Marco Island!! We go about every month just to get away from the cold weather. Isn't it just beautiful?! We've been going there for over 20 years and love it just like it was the first time, every time. Love all the pictures :)

    1. What a place to have a house! Beautiful! I would too! Thank you! :)


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